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Learning not to sweat the small stuff

I'm learning to not sweat the small stuff

Sometimes when I go searching for quotes, I find one that really feels like it was written for me.  Like the quote you see above!

For regular readers of my blog, you would know that the past year has not been an easy one for me.  Apart from some health issues that I have spoken of, I haven’t revealed all the details and probably never will.  When you decide to blog and share your thoughts with cyberspace, you have to do so with caution and share only what sits comfortably with you.  Sometimes it is very hard to do this, but so far I think and hope that I am managing to do it ok!

On my Home-About page I do say that I am a worrier.  I was not always a worrier.  I think it started after becoming a mother and increased from there.  I haven’t said it before but I also suffer some anxiety.   I haven’t suffered anxiety all my life either.  In fact, I had never suffered anxiety until recently.  It seems to have come with my late forties.  It is not pleasant!

Previously, I have relied on others (oh my poor husband) to ease my worries and anxieties.  I am looking for ways to manage it myself.  By really digging deep and investigating what makes me happy, what I like to do and what I’m good at, and by having my blog and expressing myself by writing and finally learning some more about photography, and by learning to have an attitude of gratitude, I am seeking to create a lifestyle which fills me with happiness and joy as well as a sense of achievement and pride.  When I achieve this, I truly believe that I will find more of an inner peace and hence the worries and anxieties will lessen and I will feel a sense of freedom that has eluded me for quite some time.


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  1. I know the feeling. Currently struggling with anxiety mysellf. Sounds like you are onto something with your ideas about gratitude and doing the things you love. I just find it so hard to juggle with everything else I have to do as a Mum. Hope this is all going well for you. x


    • Aww Ness – you are definately not alone. It is hard juggling everything as a mum. Your kids are probably younger than mine which makes it harder. The key is to make time for yourself and find a happy place I think 🙂 xo


  2. I so understand how you feel.
    I too am a worrier….wasn’t when I was younger in my days before being a mum.I also have only in recent years become anxious.
    I often wondered why this has happened and if it had to do with my daughter getting older and my mums health declining.Just don’t know.
    You are so right…we really need to learn not to sweat the small stuff.
    Thankyou for sharing and making me feel I am not alone.xx


    • Hi Deby – thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone with this too! I think mine got worse with the worry of teenagers out in their friends cars and out at night etc. Also my aging parents….and of course my age….and approaching menopause and all that entails. It’s a difficult phase of life but I’m determined to get on top of it and find my happy place 😉 I’m sure you can do it too! xo


  3. Good luck! Lovely sentiment. I think recognising that you lean on others and wanting to manage it yourself is more than half the ‘battle’ (for want of a better word).


    • Thanks Emily, yes I had become too much in the habit of relying on hubby to help me cope or manage with my anxieties and fears. Now I’m facing them head on, knowing they are passengers on my bus but forging ahead regardless. Does that make sense?