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365 Grateful – Day 126

365 Grateful - Day 126

When I posted my 365 Grateful – Day 124 photo, I had no idea what was to come.  I still love rainy days!  However, the exteme weather caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald that began in the North East Coastal area of Queensland and which is now moving through South East Queensland and heading to Northern New South Wales is a little bit scary!

In January 2011 there was the terrible floods that affected so many in Queensland.  It was a shock, as there had not been another flood of that scale since 1974.  There are a lot of very worried and concerned people who have only just recovered or are still trying to recover from the events of January 2011.

This time, there have been tornado’s and there is still a threat of more tornado’s.  Tornado’s are not the norm in this part of the world, however apparently this particular weather system is just right for them.  There is flooding in the northern parts of Queensland (I dare not list them as I am not sure of all of them).

The Premier announced on television tonight that Brisbane and Ipswich will again experience flooding, though not to the extent as was experienced in 2011.

We have remained indoors all day today, as advised.  We’ve secured all outdoor furniture that could potentially become dangerous missiles.  The wind, at times, has been crazy!  The rain has been consistent all day.

You may wonder why I chose this topic as my grateful photo for today.  I will explain below.

During this extreme weather event, I am grateful to have a home in which to shelter.  I am grateful that we do not live in a flood zone.  I’m grateful that all my family are home safe with me and that my extended family are all safe.  I’m grateful that we haven’t lost power as many in our suburb have.  I’m grateful for all the updates on television and on the internet, so that at all times we know what the current situation is, and finally … after a very long time of drought conditions and having sad looking brown, crunchy grass… I am grateful to see some lovely green grass!

The photographs above were taken at my home with my phone (no way was I risking getting my ‘good’ camera wet).  It is difficult within one’s own yard, whilst getting saturated, to capture how wild this weather is in a photograph, however you CAN see my lovely green grass!!

Here’s a couple of links for more information if you are interested:

  1. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/whats-happening-as-ex-tropical-cyclone-oswald-moves-through-southeast-queensland/story-e6freoof-1226562924205
  2. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/at-least-two-hurt-as-mini-tornado-slams-bargara-near-bundaberg/story-e6freon6-1226562422246
  3. http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/wrap_fwo.pl?IDQ20032.html



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  1. Isn’t the weather just crazy! We have been locked inside for the last 3 days too but I am also grateful that we have a safe, high house to protect us and our little kitty. Our green grass has also just got majorly greener and our herbs are very happy too (albeit a little soaked and sideways drooping from all the wind). Stay safe xx


    • So glad you are high, dry and safe Alana! I will be glad when this weather system moves away from us. I haven’t checked my herbs LOL but I’m sure they are loving all the water even if they are sideways and drooping! Stay safe yourself! xo