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365 Grateful – Day 125

365 Grateful - Day 125 (1)

Photo above:  Arriving at the church – 26 January 1985

Photo below:  Photographs before the reception.  This was taken at the University of Queensland.

365 Grateful - Day 125 (2)

28 years ago today, MrMM and I were married.  Today is our wedding anniversary.  I can’t say the last 28 years have always been easy for either him or me, but by some miracle, we are still together 28 years later!

The photographs I’ve used today (in a rush because we are soon going out to dinner and a movie) are from the proofs that the photographer gave us to choose the photographs for our wedding album.  I didn’t want to pull apart our wedding album to scan photographs – especially when short of time.

As I’ve said before, MrMM doesn’t want his face to be on the internet which is why it is humorously covered haha!

The dress I am wearing was absolutely beautiful back in 1985 and for a young 20-year-old girl.  I had it made from a photograph I had seen in a magazine.  The photographs do not show all the beautiful detail.  One day when I have more time, I will see if I can dig up a photograph that shows the finer details.  I know that I felt like a beautiful princess 🙂  Check out MrMM’s white suit! LOL  That was very fashionable at the time!

I’m grateful that 28 years since I was first married, I am still married to the same man.  I am also grateful that he has hung in there and put up with me for all this time!



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  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary Min to you and your husband! Have a wonderful evening. You looked beautiful at your wedding day! Do you still have the dress?


    • Thanks so much Rita! Yes I still have the dress. It’s in a box up in my wardrobe – wrapped in blue tissue paper – as it was after it was dry-cleaned after the wedding. I haven’t looked at it in decades. I wouldn’t choose a dress like that if I were to marry today but back then that was such a beautiful dress and perfect for a young thing like I was then! 🙂