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Flashback Friday: The Honeymoon

For last week’s Flashback Friday, I talked about how MrMM and I met (see HERE).   As it approaches our 28th wedding anniversary (26 January – Australia Day – tomorrow!!), I thought I would keep with the theme this week and flashback to our honeymoon.

We honeymooned at Norfolk Island in January/February 1985.  We had to get passports in order to travel there.  It was all very exciting for me who was only 20 years of age and had only been on a plane once before in my life!

I thought today I would share with you a few snaps that were taken on that honeymoon.  MrMM does not want his face on the internet so I have only included a few with him in them and blanked out his face.

On the back of this photo (below), I have written “View of golf course, Emily Bay towards Nepean & Philip Islands”.


On the back of this photo (below) I have written ‘View of the golf course with Cemetary Bay behind“.


This is me and the car we hired for the duration of the time we were there.  It had no seat belts!  No seat belts were required on Norfolk Island and the top speed limit was 50 kms/hr!  I will never forget how friendly the people at Norfolk Island were.  As you passed another car on the road you were waved at by the people in the passing car.  We soon learnt to do the same.  The other unusual thing over there was that it was a rule that you had to give way to cows.  If cows were crossing the road or simply standing on the road, you had to wait until the road was clear again before you could drive on!

1985 Honeymoon 2

This photo is of me.  Written on the back it says “Min with Anson Bay behind“.  Check out the high-waisted skinny jeans!


Here’s MrMM playing golf.  Cattle roamed freely on the golf course!  Only the greens were fenced to keep the cattle off!  We thought this was hilarious at the time!  Wonder how many cows got hit with golf balls?


Here’s the both of us.  There is nothing written on the back of this photograph so I’m not sure exactly where we are.  Wherever we are, I think we had just had a Devonshire tea 🙂   We are the height of 80’s fashion.  MrMM in his short shorts and me in my high-waisted skinny jeans! haha


Here’s MrMM in the cemetary with Cemetary Bay behind.  We discovered some fascinating stories in this cemetary and what a back drop!


Here is a very windswept and crazy haired me!  The back of the photograph says “Min with Creswell Bay behind“.

1985 Honeymoon 1

We really wanted to find out where on the island Colleen McCullough lived, but the locals fiercely protected her privacy which is something I greatly admired them for.

The Island had MANY great places to eat.  We never got around them all.  We went on a progressive dinner which was just amazing.  A bus collected us and we went to one place for appetizers, back on the bus and to another place for entrée, back on the bus and to another place for mains and so on for dessert and coffee after.  We met other young couples on their honeymoon and older couples on holiday.  It wasn’t really the place for young singles!  The scenery was beautiful!  These old photo’s do not do it justice.

Here’s me (below).  What on earth was I wearing?!!  We were out to dinner.  I’d had my hair cut quite short and taken back to nearly its natural colour for the wedding.  It made my mum happy.  I lightened it and grew it again soon after!  This was on the progressive dinner.  By this stage, I think I’d had quite a few wines!!  My eyes are the giveaway!


Here is a lovely grainy photo of both of us out to dinner (same night).  So sad I can’t show MrMM’s face but I had fun blanking it out! LOL


There are quite a few more photo’s from the honeymoon, including one of me in a skimpy bikini that would make me blush to include, but I think that is enough for one post!!

It is my wish that one day we return to Norfolk Island.  It is an absolutely beautiful island and I have such fond memories of the time we spent there on our honeymoon! 🙂


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  1. We went to South Molle Island for our honeymoon – great memories – nearly 23 years ago now. I’ve heard it’s now a backpackers resort so don’t think we’ll be going back there anytime soon 😦


    • We’ve been to South Molle Island too – back in the BK (before kids) days! Didn’t know it had become a backpackers resort! Don’t think we’d visit again either if that is the case! I sound like such an oldie LOL


    • Thanks Anne – yep it gives you quite a giggle to look at what we wore back then doesn’t it LOL Norfolk Island is just beautiful. Maybe we’ll go back for out 30th??


  2. Haha great photos! Love looking back on the fashion of the day. Like the sound of that progressive dinner too 🙂 Thanks for joining the link up. You’re welcome to link up next week again 🙂


    • Thanks Cathy! It’s fun looking back at the fashions and hairdo’s isn’t it LOL. I’d love to link up each Friday – I love flashback photo’s and story’s 🙂


  3. Look at the old school pics! It’s like you applied an IG filter! 🙂
    Just a friendly reminder, you need to link a new post to IBOT