365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 121

365 Grateful - Day 121

To some it may seem materialistic to post objects around my house as my grateful photo’s but I don’t believe this to be the case at all.  Colours & textures, various knick knacks, and all the things that we choose to have in our home environment, are food for the soul.  It’s a known fact that colours can impact on our moods.  To have the choice and freedom to decorate our homes with objects that please us, make us smile, and turn our house into a home, is a blessing and something that I believe is definitely worthy of being grateful for.

This chinese tea set sits on a wall unit in my dining room.  It was a gift.  I can’t remember who gave it to me!  I think it must have been one of my sisters or my mother.  If they read this then they can set me straight! 😉

I have always loved blue and white china.  My mother, my sisters and I all love blue and white china!  It has a peaceful influence on me and is beautiful to look at.  I would love more blue and white china! 🙂

I’m grateful for this beautiful chinese tea set that was a gift given to me many years ago.