365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 120

365 Grateful - Day 120

This photograph is taken from across the road from where my children went to primary school in Manly.  Their primary school is fortunate to have amazing views!  So too do the nearby residents!

That is Manly harbour there that you can see at the bottom of the hill.  The building you see at the point with the long white roof is a restaurant – Wilson’s Boathouse Seafood Restaurant.  It has the most delicious food and a gorgeous outlook.

If you look beyond the harbour you can see some islands.  The darker islands in the front are:  LEFT:  St Helena Island – a former penal convict prison for men.  RIGHT:  Green Island – this link is all I could find on this island as all other links referred to its namesake near Cairns (Nth Qld).  The lighter island behind is Moreton Island – the third largest sand island in the world!

Looking at this photo, it reminds me that I really should take more time to visit those islands that are so near to us.

I’m grateful to live in an area with such inspiring views and to be in such close proximity to beautiful islands that are rich in history.