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What calls you?

Be still - what calls you

Isn’t this a wonderful quote?!   Removing all the noise and routine of life, what is still there calling you?  What pulls on your soul?

Everyone apparently has a purpose or calling…..something they are meant to do.

This is the road I’m travelling right now: trying to find my calling, my purpose, a life that will make me happy and fulfilled!  After a long time of doing what I MUST do, I am now investigating what it is I WANT to do.

I am making progress!  I know that I love photography and I intend to learn more.  I believe I am meant to live a creative life.  I used to love art (drawing and painting) and some crafts (tapestry, knitting, crocheting, long-stitch etc) but my busy life got in the way.  I used to dabble in doing some mosaics and loved it but life became too busy and there wasn’t the time.

Today, I printed out my Leonie Dawson “2013 Create your Incredible Year Workbook & Planner” (refer to this post HERE) and have bought folders to put them in (will be done today).  I am nearly ready to start digging deep and planning.  The process of completing this workbook will guide and assist me in uncovering and gaining some clarity on what I am meant to do and how I plan to do it!  It’s exciting!

So…when all the noise is silenced, the meetings adjourned, the lists laid aside…do you know what calls you and what pulls on your soul?



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  1. Min, what a great quote to think about for the weekend. I do like to think that we do have a calling or a purpose in life. But I also think sometimes that we are for simpler purpose eg. To be kind to others, or to raise children who care or even to share a smile with a stranger in a crowded street. I think my simple purpose is to help others which I eventually got to do after a few bumps in the road. Thanks for making me think this Saturday x


    • Thanks Lisa! Totally agree with your points about us also being here for simpler purposes…being kind to others, raising children, smiling at a stranger on the street, being a caring citizen etc. I’m glad you have found your purpose 🙂