Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: How I met my hubby

1983 Photo

It was 1983.  I was 18 years of age with no responsibilities.  Ahhhh the freedom!  I used to go to work through the week and go off to the Gold Coast with girlfriends on weekends.  We would stay in a cabin at a caravan park at Miami Beach.

One weekend, one of my friends had to return home earlier than usual to work.  We were at a bus stop with her waiting for her bus when a car load of young men (louts we thought!) drove past and cheered and wolf whistled at us.  One of them had a camera and took a photo of us.  We just shook our heads and said to each other something like … “idiots”!

A few weeks later, I had started seeing someone.  Not just anyone.  He was my boss’s brother!  I know…awkward!!  He worked in the same building as me but on a different level.  He had seen me when he visited his brother and thought I was rather cute (well I was rather cute back then!) so he asked me out.

Our first date was for lunch during a work day.  He took me to a nearby hotel and bought me vodka and orange after vodka and orange.  I was trying to be polite and not say anything but I was sooooo hungry and wondered when we might actually EAT.  We never did.  I think he was nervous.  I returned to work a tincy bit drunk!  When I got back to my desk, I raided my snack drawer for anything to eat!  I remember going to the loo and dosing off!

Down the track a couple of weeks or so and my new BF was to house-sit his brother’s house (my boss) and look after their dog (a gorgeous Great Dane) while he and his wife went on an overseas trip.  One night I was over for dinner (felt so weird to be in my boss’s house) and my new BF had just picked up some photo’s he’d had developed.  This was back in the old days people when digital camera’s were not even thought of.  You actually had to take FILM in to be developed and it was pot luck as to whether your photo’s turned out.  Anyway, I was flipping through his photo’s when I saw the blurry photo that I have included at the top of this post.  See that girl standing up?  THAT IS ME!  My new BF was the idiot with the camera in that car that cheered and wolf whistled us!  I was in complete shock!  When I pointed this out to him – we were both in complete shock!

Fashion Note:  That pink top has ‘Let’s Get Physical’ written on it.  It was all the rage at the time.  Olivia had just released the song 😉

Bizarre!  Fate?  Meant to be?

By the way, I applied for a transfer to another section at work as it was far too weird working for my new BF’s brother.  All worked out well.  Little did he know when I first started working with him that I would end up his sister-in-law! LOL

MrMM and I got engaged in 1984 and married in 1985.  On the 26th of January 2013 (very soon) we will have been married for 28 years!

Postscript:  The boys in that car were not actually idiots.  They were a great bunch of young guys who were returning from a tennis tournament that they were in at Lismore.  They’d had wins and were happy and young!  Don’t think I’ve said before on my blog but MrMM is a tennis player and has been playing since he was a kid.

Do you have any interesting stories to tell of how you met your partner?


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    • Thanks Grace! I don’t know if I was much of a fashionista. I was what was referred to back then as a ‘skeg’ which basically means a bit of a surfie beach chick 😉


  1. That’s a great story Min. I don’t have any ‘love’ stories but I have a similar story of heading down to the Gold Coast but in our case, it was Kirra and it was with our ‘gang’. Just kids we all grew up with and played indoor cricket together in between seasons. I used to wear the towelling headband like Olivia when I went to gym as well as the lycra leotards. Oh, those were the days! LOL

    Anne xx


    • Thanks Anne! I don’t really think of this as a ‘love’ story but more the story of how we met. MrMM is not particularly romantic LOL I used to go to Kirra too and Coollangatta alot. I had a ‘gang’ that I used to hang around with at home 🙂 I had a towelling headband and leg warmers and lycra leotards too! LOL Those were indeed the days! 🙂


  2. That is AMAZING. It really is! I love that photo too – in all its bluriness. No mistaking the era. I was an impressionable 12-year-old in 1983, with a couple of big sisters who dressed just like you and your friends are in that pic. Love this story Min.


    • Thanks Rachel 🙂 It is a bit amazing isn’t it!! I still can’t believe it! Yes the car in the background definately is a clue as to the era 😉 Oh you’re just a young thing aren’t you!! I’m the eldest of five. One of my sisters is about your age 🙂


  3. Hi Min 🙂
    What a very romantic story, I really enjoyed reading about your husband came to be . It was fate/destiny I believe !:)

    As they say every photo tells a story and that one certainly does!

    Lovely blog also x


    • Hi Jules, thanks so much! Strange how some things happen isn’t it. To this day, it still blows my mind how my hubby to be photographed me before he even knew me. Musn’t be long now till Miah arrives. I’m very excited for you 🙂 xo


  4. That is a fantastic story to how you met your hubby! Happy anniversary for later in the week, what a great day for it too 🙂 There will never be nothing like 80s fashion again, god help us if it comes around again!


    • Thanks Alicia and thanks for the anniversary wishes 🙂 The 80’s definately was an interesting era for fashion and I agree – god help us if it comes around again! lol


  5. Gosh what are the chances?! Obviously meant to be! Too funny about the liquid lunch first date! I don’t know how interesting it is, but my husband and I met online on a dating website, and it turned out we lived in the same apartment complex in Atlanta – a massive city with 5 million+ people in it. Guess that was fate, too?


    • Hi – thanks for the comment. Yes – that liquid lunch LOL – can’t believe he didn’t feed me! I must have reeked of alcohol when I returned to work! That is amazing how you met your husband. Gosh Atlanta is massive – I didn’t know it had such a large population! Obviously fate! 😉