365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 116

365 Grateful - Day 116

I’m grateful for big, strong, sturdy, shade providing gorgeous trees!

This tree is at a park at nearby Lota.  It caught my attention at first because of its interesting bark and colouration.  Then I admired its size and how solid and strong it was.  I think it is a beautiful tree and it was very deserving of being photographed and featured as one of my grateful photos.

Ok here’s the science geek coming out in me again!  Here are 10 reasons why trees are so valuable and important:

  1. Trees produce oxygen
  2. Trees clean the soil
  3. Trees control noise pollution
  4. Trees slow storm water runoff
  5. Trees are carbon sinks
  6. Trees clean the air
  7. Trees shade and cool
  8. Trees act as windbreaks
  9. Trees fight soil erosion
  10. Trees increase property values
    (though I suppose it may depend on where you live and where the tree is growing!)