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Planning my incredible 2013!


I’ve said many times that I am doing a lot of soul-searching to rediscover myself – what do I like to do, what makes me happy, what am I good at, what is my purpose etc.  I am committed to digging deep in order to create a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life for myself.  I am open to looking at various ways of doing this and even to stepping outside my comfort zone and trying things I have never done before.

I started with my 365 Grateful Project.  I had discovered the gorgeous Hailey Bartholomew (you can learn more about her HERE and HERE) and she inspired me (with a little nudge from a friend of mine) to not only do my own 365 Grateful Project, but to start my own blog!  My 365 Grateful Project has been fantastic for making sure that EACH DAY I slow down, become more aware and present in my day, and take the time to identify what it is each day that I am grateful for.  What once was really quite difficult, is now coming to me more naturally and it is becoming easier.

Just recently, I discovered Leonie Dawson.  She inspires me!!  She is so happy.  I want to be that happy!  She loves what she does.  I want to love what I do!  She inspires other people.  I want to inspire other people!  She is organised and has a plan.  I want to be organised and have a plan!

Leonie currently has on offer from her website a free Blogging & Biz Star workshop e-Book accompanied by weekly tips on how to have an incredible business and life.  It was a no brainer – I downloaded!

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I then explored her website further and saw the words Are you ready for an incredible LIFE or BUSINESS in 2013.  We can help!‘.  Leonie has available, for a very reasonable low price:  a 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner – LIFE edition; and a 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner – BUSINESS edition.  I had to have them!  I have bought both at the very low price of $17.90.  You can buy them separately at a cost of $9.95.  I have downloaded them and am going to print them out and put the pages into a ring binder to work my way through them.

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Incredible life & Incredible Business

I am so excited to start working my way through them.  They will help me gain some clarity by thinking things through and asking myself the questions I need to.  In Leonie’s words: “They use simple yet powerful techniques to help you not only dream your biggest dream and set your goals, but to actually MAKE THEM HAPPEN too.”  I haven’t read them yet so I can’t tell you what is in them, however I know they will be awesome!

IMPORTANTAll images on this page have been used from Leonie Dawson’s website and are linked back to their original source.  Also, this is not a sponsored post and I am receiving no payment for promoting Leonie’s website.  I am just excited and wanted to share! 🙂


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    • Hi Rita – yes she does seem interesting. She’s had enormous success and she is happy. That says alot! I work better if I’ve got a tangible way to work through my thoughts and goals etc – so these workbooks are bound to really help me work out what I want and need to do 🙂


  1. oh my goodness – i am slowly working my way through the 2013 book, it is so awesome and inspiring i really love it!! I have been getting her newsletters for a while now but felt like joining the ‘circle’ wasn’t for me just yet, but i am head over heals for this planner!!



    • Hi Lyndal – Oh I’m so glad to hear that!! I haven’t printed mine yet. I need new cartridges for my printer. I work better off hard copies, rather than working looking at a screen. I haven’t read much about the ‘circle’ but don’t think that would be for me – at least for now. Really looking forward to sitting down with it all and starting to work my way through it 🙂