365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 109

365 Grateful - Day 109

Tomorrow I am hosting my nephew’s 5th birthday party.  My sister and her two children are visiting from Sydney and staying with my parents on the other side of town.  He asked to have his birthday party at my house because we have a dog, a puppy and a pool.  He is not silly!  In fact, he is very wise considering the heat wave conditions that Brisbane is currently experiencing.  A pool party will be perfect!  Everyone is bringing some food.  I was asked to make my mini quiches.  Today’s photograph is of ‘some’ of the mini quiches I made.  The green ones have spinach in them in case you are wondering at the odd colour! 🙂  I have got some other food to contribute also and will decorate our pergola area with balloons etc!

I am grateful that the mini quiches are cooked and ready for reheating for tomorrow’s 5th birthday party for my nephew.  Now tomorrow morning will be free for decorating!



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