365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 108

365 Grateful - Day 108-1

365 Grateful - Day 108-2

365 Grateful - Day 108-3

I’ve taken many photo’s with our pool either as the focus or as the background.  In most of those photo’s you see the reflection of the surrounding palm trees in the water.  Today, I wanted to get some photos of the palm trees.  I didn’t want to take your typical palm tree photo’s where you are looking up towards the tops of the palm trees against the sky.   I wanted photo’s that depict the cooling resort kinda feeling which is the feeling that the palm trees give me.  They make me feel like I’m on a holiday in my own home! 🙂

Today, again, I just couldn’t decide which photo to use.  I narrowed it down to three (again!) and after much time-wasting trying to decide, I decided not to decide and to include all three!  At least I finally made a decision! 🙂

I’m grateful for palm trees and the gorgeous resort and cooling atmosphere they create which makes me feel like I am on holidays at my own home!