365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 107

365 Grateful - Day 107

I love bottles.  I love colourful, quirky, interesting bottles!  I have a few.  They were not expensive or bought from flashy shops.  They were bought many years ago, probably from some markets.  I really must start bottle hunting again.  I would love more!

Today, I wanted to feature this beautiful colourful little bottle as my grateful photo and I wanted a bit of photography practice so I did both! 🙂

The problem with taking many shots is that then you have to choose just one for your grateful photo!  I narrowed it down to three photo’s that were the best.  Choosing from those three has been difficult because there is something about each one that I really like.  I love the photo I chose above because the bottle is off centre and also because I love that rough, cracked bit of timber decking on the right.

I am grateful for interesting and colourful bottles and look forward to collecting many more!

I’m going to include the other two photo’s below and I would love to hear from you which photo you would have chosen and why!  They have been inserted at a smaller size than the actual grateful photo so as not to overshadow it, but if you click on them you will see them at full size (the same for the actual grateful photo).

This photo probably was my third choice.  It doesn’t show much of the old cracked timber of the decking but it does have beautiful patterns in the water and reflections of the palm trees.

365 Grateful - Day 107a

This photo came a very close second.  I love that the green of the palm trees has created such interesting patterns and colours in the water.  I had placed the bottle a little more to the right, so the old cracked bit of timber decking can be seen to the left of the bottle.

365 Grateful - Day 107b

So which photo would you have chosen?  I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


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  1. I like the third one, because I like the extra reflection of the trees in the water. I love glassware too.


    • Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for commenting. I really am interested in other people’s opinions. It may help me make these decisions in the future! Yes that third one … boy I agonised over whether to choose that one or the one I ended up choosing. It was my daughter who made the final decision for me. Yes, I am terrible at making decisions! lol


  2. That was my favourite pic too. I’ve started collecting blue/green glassware (from op shops or very cheap!) that I display on top of my kitchen cabinets – check out my post tomorrow & you’ll be able to see!


  3. An awesome blog and I love a challenge. Without a doubt I would have chosen the first photo. Maybe this has something to do with my background in publishing/newspapers, but if the bottle is meant to be the focus, then it should be. The background and surrounds are also gorgeous but are just that, the background. The way the bottle is placed also makes it stand out more! You are very talented!! Emily 🙂


    • Wow – love some feedback from someone with a background in publishing/newspapers! Thank you! Good point about the bottle being the focus. I like the bottle off centre too. Thank you for saying I am talented 🙂 It is early days with me learning photography and there is still so much more to learn and understand…but when I get a good shot it is such a thrill…something I will never tire of and hence me being keen to learn more!


  4. I like the one you chose the best (the first one). The fact that the bottle is on the side give some depth to the picture. This is actually a very nice bottle. I love all the different colours.


    • Thank you Rhianna and thank you for saying I have a good eye for photography. I love it so that is pleasing to hear 🙂 Lots to learn yet but the learning is fun!


  5. I actually like the second photo. Only because it shows a bigger photo of the bottle and you can see the details more clearly.

    I love old bottles too and live in rural NSW. It’s amazing how many beautiful bottles the farmers sell if they have garage sales. I’m sure you would love it.



    • Hi there – that is great you like the second photo! There is something about that one that I really like also! OMG – so envious of the farmer’s garage sales you have there in rural NSW! Hope you are safe from all the bushfires there at the moment and not roasting away in the heatwave!! xo