365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 105

365 Grateful - Day 105

What to do when it’s after 8:30pm at night and you realise that you haven’t done your 365 Grateful photo for today!!  Not to mention you are slightly pickled after around 4 (or was it 5?) glasses of champagne!!

My Facebook liker’s would know what I’m talkin ’bout!  You see tonight at 5pm we met MissM’s boyfriend’s parents.  We invited them over.  MissM has been invited up the coast for a weeks holiday with them.  It’s very kind of them to invite her but we felt that we should meet them before sending our daughter off for a week with them.  We had only met the boyfriend, not the parents.

MissM thought I was being a little neurotic and that it was all very awkward and embarrassing.  However, when I posed this question on the MinsMash Facebook page: “If your 17 year old daughter was invited up the coast for a week’s holiday with the BF’s family, and you had never met any of them except the BF, would you want to meet the BF’s parents first?”….the response was all in my favour!  Everyone agreed that YES absolutely they would want to meet the parents.  So I am not a neurotic mother after all!

As it turns out.  MissM’s boyfriend’s parents are lovely!  I really liked them!  We had a really fun time and never lacked for conversation.  So you see, now I feel quite comfortable with MissM going away for a week with them!

So in my slightly pickled state, the only thing I could think of to photograph to represent what I am grateful for today, was the washing up after our meeting of the boyfriends parents!  We had champagne (beer for MrMM) and a lovely cheese platter 🙂

If I hadn’t been so perfectionistic about having the place looking perfect and nervous about meeting them, I would have photographed the beautiful cheese platter BEFORE it was all eaten.  But as it turns out I am not such a perfectionist after all!!

I’m grateful to have met my daughter’s boyfriend’s parents and to now feel much more comfortable about her going away on holiday to the beach with his family for a week!


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    • LOL – thank you! It was quite nice being a bit pickled. I haven’t been a bit pickled for quite a while 🙂 Yes it is a huge weight off my mind now I’ve met them. They were just lovely! 🙂 xo