365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 103

365 Grateful - Day 103

I never set out to feature my feet so much on my blog!  It has just turned out that way for some reason.  They are not the most beautiful feet out there but then I’m not that fussed on feet at all except for the fact they are very useful to walk with and for that reason I am very glad I have feet!!

It is not my feet that I am grateful for today.  I have already done that one.

Today, I’m grateful for the lovely outing I had where I had a spa pedicure and a manicure followed by a spot of shopping where I may have purchased a few items of clothing before picking up some sushi for myself and the troops at home and heading home to feast!  

It’s amazing how much better a girl can feel after a pedi mani!!

I like to keep my photo’s real – so today’s photograph is taken of my feet in the shoes I went out in – even though they really are starting to get a bit tatty!





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