365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 102

365 Grateful - Day 102

The photograph today is of me and my camera!  I was mucking around with settings and trying to get a photograph of my ear (of all things!).  I was going to be grateful for my ears and the gift of hearing.  I love listening to music, hearing my kids, having conversations, the sounds of nature and much, much more.  I found it difficult though to photograph JUST my ear!  I pointed the camera to the mirror in my ensuite and clicked and voila – I got my ear……and the rest!!  There I am, with daggy pool hair tied up and my daggy house clothes enjoying playing around with my camera.  Now when I look at this photograph it makes me smile because at that moment, I was having fun playing around being silly with my camera and well now I am grateful for not only my hearing but I’m grateful to be alive!

I’m grateful to be alive!




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  1. Love this post because with every word I read I could feel your love of cameras,music….Life…Just Beautiful.
    Thankyou for putting a smile on my face.Xx