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New Year’s Resolution

It’s customary to make a new year’s resolution or two at the beginning of a new year.  Give up this or that or take up this or that.

For me there is no starting of something new.  2013 will be a continuation of my pathway to better health and my investigation into what makes me happy and what I can do to have a more peaceful and happy life.  Though I have made some progress, I still have a very long way to go.


Here’s what I’ve learnt so far.

Things I’m doing well at:

  • I like to express myself – in words and in photographs.  I started a blog so that I could explore this need within me – BIG TICK!  It was a leap of faith.  I knew nothing.  I never knew there was a blogosphere.  I never knew I would discover so many other blogs or bloggers or blogging communities.  I’m learning lots and I have lots more to learn.  My blog is now 3 1/2 months old.  I believe it is a good vehicle to help me discover who I really am and to explore my way to a happier and more peaceful life.  I hope also that my blog will inspire and help others.
  • My 365 Grateful Project is helping me to take the time each day to look for something I am grateful for.  My life before was so busy – a whirlwind, a constant treadmill.  Though exhausted most of the time – I kept going.  I had no other choice.  I ran on adrenalin.  My body finally told me – enough!  I never had the time or energy before to pause long enough to notice or appreciate the things around me.  I am doing that now.  I have taken a photograph a day for 100 days (nearly 101!) so far of something I am grateful for.  That is an achievement – BIG TICK!
  •  I know that I enjoy photography and wanted to learn more.  I booked myself in and attended a 4 hour SLR photography course – BIG TICK!  That is a good start to learning how to take better photographs!  I no longer need to set my camera to automatic and know how to take photographs on manual – woohoo!
  •  I’ve participated to the best of my ability in the blogosphere communities which I have discovered so far.  I’m sure there is more out there that I am yet to discover.  I’ve found some awesome blogs and read and commented on many blog posts.  I’ve Flogged my Blog over at With Some Grace.  I’ve IBOT’ed with Jess over at Essentially Jess.  I’ve become part of the Digital Parents community, The Kids are All Right community and much more.

Things that need more work:

love myself

  • It is embarrassing to say this as this is something I am not at all proud of, but I am being honest which IS something I am proud of.  I need to work on my short temper.  It is an unfortunate new thing, and I believe part of the hormonal imbalance I spoke about in this post.  I can get annoyed and fired up quickly and I simmer for quite a while before I can calm myself down.  I was never like this before and I want this horrible new characteristic of mine gone!
  • I need to work more on loving myself!  I am still very self-critical – of my physical appearance and my personality also.  The short temper I spoke of above does little to help love myself.  It makes me feel terrible about myself.  So definitely more work needed to be done here.
  • My perfectionist nature needs to be relaxed a little.  I will always want things done well but the obsessive side of my perfectionist nature needs to lighten up!

Things I need to do:


  • I need to attend a blogger meet up.  I am quite shy around people I don’t know.  I’ve shied away from attending any so far for a few reasons (which most likely are ridiculous!).  Here are some of the reasons:
    • concerned about the fact that I seem to be so much older than most of the bloggers I have come across who are young mums
    • concerned I’d look a fool because I’m new to blogging and might not understand all the technical jargon
    • concerned that I’d be thought of as boring because I am quiet.  I’m not a loud outgoing person though I can be once you get to know me
    • concerned that I would never find the right thing to wear (I know – isn’t that ridiculous!)

    There would be many benefits to meeting other bloggers:

    • I might learn some things
    • It would be so much more fun communicating with other bloggers who I have actually met in the flesh
    • I could make new friends
    • I would be mixing with like-minded people
  • I need to get my life into a bit more of a structured routine:
    • My attendance at gym has dropped off since we got the puppy.  I’ve been back but have not stuck to a regular routine
    • I need to make time for planning (for the blog and for day-to-day activities)
    • I need to organise a more structured and realistic blogging timetable – including time for photography field trips for practice and for blog posts.
  • I need some help with my blog.  There are some things I want done which are technically beyond me.  I need some expert advice!
  • The photography course I did was mostly theory.  I really need to revise and I also need to book in for one of their practical courses.  Hands on guidance by professional photographers – fantastic!

So you can see from what I have written above that there is still so much more work to be done to find my peace and happiness.  I struggled to write things that I am doing well at, but my fingers flew over the keyboard when it came to writing what needs more work and what I need to do.  I could have written even more but this blog post is already long enough!

So my new year’s resolution for 2013 is continue on my pathway to find a more peaceful and happy life where I am happy in my own skin and have learnt to accept and love myself for who I am.  I will open myself up to every opportunity I may come across that will assist me in this venture and share what I learn on my blog! 🙂


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  1. LOL – many of the things you wrote about could have been written by me – especially with regards to a blogger meet up !!!! I have been to a couple and they really are very nice – but I still get nervous before each one !!!!!
    I too have been to a couple of theoretical photography classes and am practising taking manual photos – sometimes they come out well – other times not so much !!!! It’s all a learning curve for me.
    It’s good to have another ‘older’ mom here – there aren’t many of us who can understand each other menopausal dramas !!!!!!!!! I totally get your short temper – there are quite a few characteristics that I have picked up that I can’t wait to get rid of again – in the meantime I will work on not letting them rule my life.
    Wishing you a fantastic 2013.
    Love, hugs and positive energy !


    • Hi there – at least you’ve been to a couple of blogger meet ups! I suppose I’ve only been blogging a very short time so it’s not so bad that I haven’t yet attended one. Re photography – I can get some awesome shots and then I can get some hopeless ones. I really need to practice more. I also am clueless as to how to get good shots on manual at night – so much learning yet to be done. I am also really pleased to have found a few older mums that understand where I’m coming from! The short temper problem shocks me. I have never been like this before. It’s not like it happens on a daily basis or anything but when it happens the fuse is short and fast and shocks even me. Hopefully it will go away when all health problems are resolved this year 😉 .. and they will be!! Hoping you have a fantastic 2013 also filled with peace and happy days! xo


  2. I think you are doing great at blogging – you do far more networking than I’ve ever done so don’t worry about being inexperienced or shy!


    • Thank you Deb! I feel like I just got a gold star on my homework LOL 🙂 I think overall you have networked more than me by attending all those blogging conferences…particularly the problogger event last year……and you know more bloggy technical stuff than me I’m sure! I will definately be attending some blogger meet-ups and even might try to get to a conference if I can this year!


  3. Have you thought about coming along to DPCON13 in March? Lots of fabulous bloggers there and trust me, we won’t bite 🙂
    Hey, I bet I’m one blogger who’s older than you 😉 x


    • Hi Grace – I didnt realise there was one on in March! Must be living under a rock or something. I’ll have to see where it is and what costs are involved. I’m sure you won’t bite LOL. Doubt you are older than me Grace 😉


    • Hi Kylie – thanks for visiting! The blogosphere sure is mindblowing – something new around every corner!! Lovely to meet you too and good luck with your blogging ventures also! xo


    • Thanks so much for commenting! I’m sure the first blogger meet up I go to will turn out to be a blast. It’s just the nerves beforehand that I need to get over! I hope to meet you at one too. Hope you have a fantastic 2013! 🙂 xo


  4. Love your new years UN-resolution post, this is a great list.
    I want to attend a bloggers meet up too. I haven’t had a chance to yet, but if the opportunity arose I’d be worried that I’m not as experienced as the others, I’d be worried about disappointing them – maybe I’m not as interesting in real life as I am online? What I’m trying to say, Min, is that I think every single one of us attends with our own fears and insecurities, and we no doubt have absolutely nothing to worry about!
    Happy new year x


    • LOL – oh Kelly you are so right. What you said are the thoughts that would go through my head. SO I guess we all do have our silly little insecurities and I’m sure that once we get there and get chatting they will all just fade away 😉 Happy New Year to you too! xo


  5. Thrilled that you became part of our community. I hope you stay with us 🙂 I am sure others have told you this already, but I did my first meet-up last year and everyone is very friendly, not everyone is young, and it doesn’t matter if you are quiet – there are plenty of other quiet bloggers too. It might help to arrange to meet up with an online buddy so you know you have that person there to turn to. I would love to meet you IRL at a meet-up one day 🙂


    • I’m thrilled that you have created such a wonderful community! I think it is fabulous to have a place for parents of teens to chat, get support and advice etc. Shame I didn’t find you a few years back 😉 I’m sure the blogger meet ups are great fun…and also that there might be some older bloggers like myself (not that I am old!!). It would be great to go with a buddy but I don’t know anyone in real life yet! LOL It would be great to meet you IRL also. Who knows, maybe 2013 will be there year. I’m determined to do some things I’ve never done before this year 🙂


  6. Great post Min. I just read it today. I think you are doing a great job with your blog and I’m so happy you decided to take the plunge and that we connected through our respective blogs.


    • Thanks Rita and thanks for saying I’m doing a great job with the blog. I always feel I can do better. Sometimes it is hard to find enough time to put towards it. I’m sure you can relate! I’m very happy that we have connected through our respective blogs too. BTW – I think you’re doing a great job with your blog also! 😉