365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 101

365 Grateful - Day 101

Today’s grateful photo is a little bit  yucky.  In fact, it is a little bit um..poo poo!  You all have a sense of humour though don’t you?  😉

Puppy Ava hasn’t been well.  She has had an upset tummy and explosive and runny *see above* which started on boxing day.  I immediately switched her diet to boiled chicken breasts and rice.  A few days later and she still wasn’t well so I took her to the vet.  It appears she has had a bacterial infection which has caused the problem.  I have no idea how that happened?!

She has been on a course of antibiotics.  She took the last one tonight.  She goes back to the vet tomorrow and we need to take a poo sample with us.  Tada!  Guess what is in that container in the photograph?  Looks all medical and professional doesn’t it.  Can’t remember how or why we had that container but it sure has proved handy for the task at hand!

I’m pleased to report that Ava has seemed a lot better the last few days.  The contents of that container are reasonably solid – very exciting in this house!   The vet appointment is in the morning.  We couldn’t risk her not needing to do a number 2 in the  morning so when MrMM announced she had done a poo tonight, I yelled back “righto – collect some please”.  He collected it all right – ALL of it (hence the modesty cover in the photograph).

Here’s hoping for a positive vet report tomorrow!  Looking forward to her getting back onto her puppy food.  We have been through so many chicken breasts and rice!

I’m grateful that we got the required *sample* for puppy Ava’s vet appointment tomorrow.  I’m grateful that she appears to finally be on the mend and am very hopeful for a positive vet report tomorrow!