365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 99

365 Grateful - Day 99

I’m grateful for New Year’s Eve 2012 – where amongst other guests, I will have all three of my sisters here for dinner and to see in the new year.

MrMM will be christening his new barbeque.  Salads have been made.  Champagne is chilling.  Cheese platter is ready.

We will be mostly out in the pergola area which is by the pool.  The party lights are already on.  The OLD worn out cane setting is ready for some action.  Soon there will be platters of food out there and people all chattering and ready for some relaxing fun!

Bring on 2013!  I look forward to a fresh new year full of possibilities!

Time for me to go shower and change into my party dress.  Thank you for supporting my new blog which is now just over 3 months old.   Happy New Year to all of you!  Hoping 2013 is peaceful, happy and healthy for all of us.