365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 97

365 Grateful - Day 97

I’m grateful that MrMM is happy with his new Christmas BBQ.  I’m grateful he has now finished putting it together and it is all ready for New Years Eve celebrations!

Our old BBQ is most definitely on its last legs and in actual fact, is just a tad embarrassing!!   So, MrMM is very excited by this new shiny BBQ.  He has spent all day playing with his new toy – the new barbeque (BBQ) he got for Christmas.  It had to be assembled and all manner of things (in other words – I have no idea what had to be done?) to get it ready for use.  He had the radio on loud and drank a few stubbies of beer during this process.  Sound a familiar scenario?? 😉

I just went out to inspect and admire his handiwork and decided to take the camera and photograph it for today’s grateful photo.  The perfectionist in me is driven crazy by those smudge marks on the BBQ.  I will be racing out to the shops ASAP tomorrow to buy some stainless steel cleaner/shiner stuff!!  Once cleaned up – it will be perfect! 😉




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  1. Use White spirit, found in the solvent section at a Hardware Store to clean the stainless steel then use a stainless steel polish and a good buffing with a soft cloth to bring it up sparkling and keep it protected. Happy BBQ-ing