365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 87

365 Grateful - Day 87

I am grateful for the first swim for this summer in our pool today!

I love swimming in our pool in summer.  It not only cools me down on a hot summer day but it relaxes me in a way that nothing else can.  I love to float around and swim under water.

I also needed some outside time.  I needed to get me some Vitamin D.  Recent blood tests revealed I am Vitamin D deficient.  What the?

I took my camera with me for this first swim (just in the shallow area – didn’t want to risk getting it wet!) as I knew it would be my grateful photo for today.  I took quite a few photo’s but selected this one because I absolutely love the patterns and colours in the water.  It reminds me of peacock feathers!  There is no filter on this photograph.



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  1. I’ve only been in my (apartment’s) pool once, but after I’m back following Christmas I’d like to change that!

    As for the Vitamin D thing, I think it’s more common than we think. When I was trying to get pregnant a couple of years ago I got tested and was also deficient! (Strange given where we live!!!)


    • Yep Deb – get in that pool more often. It’s soooo relaxing and therapeutic 🙂 Yes re the Vitamin D being more common than we think – I saw a video by Amelia Burton about it. Might post it on my FB page actually. It is strange considering where we live. Perhaps the slip, slop, slap has gone a little too far?