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It was Monday 10th December and I was feeling the best I had felt in nearly 2 weeks.  It was the first full night’s sleep I’d had in ages.  Twin1 had been on night shift with Ava.  The puppy roster had just begun.  I was on the computer trying to catch up with my blog, blog reading, Twitter, Facebook etc.

I was reading my news feed on Facebook when I saw that Sportscraft was running a competition that was to close at the end of the day.  It really caught my eye because it was a competition to win an Ava Beach Tote!  How bizarre to see a beach tote named the same as our new puppy.  I quickly clicked on the link and entered the competition.  I absolutely loved the Ava Beach Tote with its blue and white stripes and contrast leather handles and trim.

I ‘liked’ the Sportscraft Facebook page a long time ago.  It is one of my most favourite clothing stores.  You can always be assured that the goods in Sportscraft are of the very best quality and always stylish!  In my family, we do a family draw for Christmas and this year I am buying for one of my sisters.  I asked her what she would like.  She said as she always says – “a Sportscraft gift voucher”!

After entering the competition, I then shared the link to the Sportscraft competition on my Facebook page.  I decided then to find Sportscraft on Twitter and follow them so that I would be better alerted to any future competitions.  On the spur of the moment, I decided to share the competition link via a tweet with a bit of a cheeky tweet inferring that Sportscraft might have named their Beach Tote after our new puppy Ava.  I never expected that Sportscraft would respond to my tweet and was really thrilled when they did!  See the tweets below.

Sportscraft Tweets

I was really chuffed that the staff in the Sportscraft office had enjoyed the photo I sent them of Ava.  That night as was preparing for bed, I decided to check my MinsMash emails via my phone before switching out the light.  There was an email there that really took me by surprise.  It was from the Sportscraft Direct Marketing Manager, Nikki.  It said:

Hi Min,

I hope you and your gorgeous little pup Ava are well.

We were so excited to receive your tweet and picture of Ava today that we wanted to pop a little something in the mail for you!

If you could send through your postal address I will pop this in the mail in the morning and you should have a surprise before Christmas.

I replied straight away, providing my address whilst expressing my complete surprise and what a kind gesture this was, and went to sleep with a smile and sense of excitement.  Who doesn’t get excited when knowing that a parcel will be arriving in the mail..right?

Today, to make 12-12-12 a very special day indeed for me, the parcel arrived this morning.  I am beyond words!  This kind gesture by Sportscraft in response to a couple of tweets by me has blown me away.  Kindness does still exist in the world people!  Just have a look at what they sent me!

Here are my surprises all bundled up and tied with a lovely pink and orange bow.

Bundled Goods

Here is the beautiful note from the Sportscraft team.

Sportscraft Note

Look at what was in that bundle!!

The Ava Beach Tote!!

Ava Beach Tote

Isn’t she beautiful!!  I cannot express how excited I am to have her.  I think she is gorgeous.  She is a little wrinkled from being bundled for postage but they will soon drop out.  There is more to her than meets the eye!  She has an internal removable zip top purse and convenient internal wall pockets!  She travelled to us all the way from Sydney, just like puppy Ava did – another bizarre coincidence!

But wait, there is more!  I cannot believe the generosity and kindness of Sportscraft.

Sportscraft Tote

Look at this beautiful light weight summer holidays Sportscraft Tote!  The words on this are inspiring and beautiful: “Look on the Bright Side. Have fun. Lazy Days and Hazy Ways.  Hello Sunshine. More Holidays. To the Seaside.  Happiness.”

But wait … there was more!  More surprises were inside that tote above!

Xmas Wrappers

Beautiful wrapping paper, gift tags and stickers!

The kind and generous gesture shown to me by Sportscraft has blown me away.  It is a lovely surprise and it re-affirms that there is indeed still kindness in the world.

Whilst I’m sure Ava was excited for me receiving all these wonderful gifts, her favourite part was the Express Post packaging! 😉

Ava - Parcel Wrapping

Thank you so much to Sportscraft!  I love the surprises you sent me!  Wishing all Sportscraft staff a very Merry Christmas!


Note:  This post is not a sponsored post.  The Sportscraft items shown within this post were gifted to me.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. How lovely of SportsCraft, the little things like that can make such a difference.

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