365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 74

365 Grateful - Day 74

I’m grateful for the joy of seeing the world through puppy eyes where EVERYTHING is fascinating!

You know how with kids when they are little there is that time of day (usually around dinner time) that is referred to as ‘the witching hour’ or ‘the god help me hour’?  I used to have a glass of wine at the ready during that time when mine were little 😉  Well…with puppies it seems there is a similar phenomenon.

Ava has her dinner around 5pm.  After dinner she has LOADS of energy.  The best thing to do is take her outside and let her RUN.  I was out there for nearly an hour with her tonight and I snapped 66 photographs! LOL  [Great photography practice!  I really need to learn how to do better action shots!]  She has literally just now flaked out in the little doggie bed near our computer when only 2 seconds ago she was tearing around the loungeroom with a toilet roll one minute, an old bit of tupperware the next.  So the ‘witching hour’ went for 2 hours! 🙂

The photograph for today’s grateful photo is a rare moment of stillness during the ‘witching hour’ where Ava was captivated by a line of ants.  She was intensely watching and at the ready to pounce.  I was thoroughly entertained during that hour outside.  The antics she got up to are hilarious.  I love that I get see the world through her eyes.  EVERYTHING is fascinating!