Month: November 2012

My Daughter

I came across this quote which is just lovely and so very appropriate to this time where my only daughter has just graduated from high school.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who the original author was.  The image is my own. Advertisements

365 Grateful – Day 54

I’m grateful that my youngest child, my daughter MissM, has graduated today from high school having made the most of every opportunity available to her, having pursued her passion for the performing arts with joy and unrelenting energy, and having achieved outstanding academic results. The photograph above is […]

365 Grateful – Day 53

I know this is not a photograph but this is the best I can do to portray visually what I am truly grateful and happy about today. I am grateful that my daughter, MissM was successful in her audition for a part in ‘Aladdin and his Wonderful, Magical […]

Valedictory Dinner Outfit

Today I went shopping for birthday presents for my twin boys who will be turning 20 next Monday.  I cannot believe they will be 20!  While I was at the shopping centre, I happened to buy a few little things for myself. In particular, I was looking for […]

365 Grateful – Day 52

I am grateful for this tapestry that I did many years ago and for all the memories it evokes when I look at it. When I look at this tapestry it reminds me of many things: From as early as I can remember I have been an animal […]

365 Grateful – Day 51

I am grateful that mobile phones were invented!  With my daughter – MissM – about to go off to ‘schoolies’ on Saturday, I am ever so grateful that mobile phones were invented in time for when I had teenagers!!  This photograph is of my phone.  MissM has one […]

365 Grateful – Day 50

I am grateful that I have finally found a product that ACTUALLY kills the mould in showers! Now this might seem like a very strange grateful photo, but if you saw the cupboard in my laundry overflowing with failed products (most of which nearly knock me out with […]

Meet my hairdressers!

I like to share and talk about my local area on my blog.  So far I’ve shown you some beautiful scenic places around my local area but I haven’t yet introduced you to some of the local people or businesses. Today I’m introducing you to my hairdressing salon […]