Month: November 2012

365 Grateful – Day 60

Not a very deep and meaningful grateful today but still straight from the heart! I’m grateful that we still have this big wire crate that we used to crate train Colby and Chelsea when they were pups! This crate folds away flat and has been stored in our […]

365 Grateful – Day 59

Today I am grateful for many things that all relate to our new puppy arriving on Monday. I am very grateful that our new puppy ‘Ava’ arrives on Monday and look forward to the ‘breath of life’ and joy she will bring to our house.  I am grateful […]

Introducing Ava

Today I am introducing you to Ava, a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who today is 8 weeks and 1 day old.  She will be flying to us on a big aeroplane all the way from Sydney to Brisbane next Monday morning.  Only five more sleeps!  I am […]

365 Grateful – Day 58

Today, I am combining my 365 Grateful – Day 58 photo with my Exciting News – Big Hint #5. I am very grateful to be able to reveal that the MinsMash family will be getting a new puppy next Monday.  Only six (6) more sleeps! The photo above […]

365 Grateful – Day 57

Today – 19 November 2012 – is Twin1 and Twin2 ‘s 20th birthday!  Happy Birthday to my boys (err…young men)! The photograph above is of my twins when first brought home from hospital.  They had a beautiful white cradle each which were set up in our bedroom (they […]

Exciting News – Hint #4

You should probably have a good idea of what the exciting news is by now!! Hints will soon phase into announcements and all will be revealed by the end of this week. 🙂 The name Ava is one MissM and I decided on.  We love the name and […]

365 Grateful – Day 56

I am grateful to see nature at work in my own backyard.  As I have matured (though I’m not old yet!), my fascination with nature has become much stronger.  I like nothing more than to get away from the city and suburbia and be surrounded by nature – […]

365 Grateful – Day 55

I thought long and hard about what I am grateful for today and there was one overriding thought that could not be surpassed by any other. I am very grateful that my daughter has arrived safely down the coast for her schoolies week.  You see, she was driving, […]