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Learn to dance in the rain!

I like this quote because it is a great lesson to apply to LIFE.  

Life is full of storms.  You may have heard the saying “life is like a rollercoaster ride”.  In other words, whilst there are lots of happy and good times in life, there are also bad, sad and testing times.  Highs and lows.  No-one gets through life without some storms and unfortunately some weather more storms than others.  They are not distributed evenly to all human beings!

The message this quote gives to me is:  If we were to brace ourselves and try to wait for the storm to pass every time there was a sad, bad or trying time during our lives, we are letting precious time pass us by where we are not riding the storm, we are not learning or growing, we are not allowing ourselves to feel it and ultimately do not ever properly deal with it or come to terms with it.  It also tells me that we should try to find some positives from the negatives and look for the lessons from the storm.  The lessons from this storm may help with future storms.  Also, to draw on the strength of close friendships and family so that you are not facing the storm alone.

It is not an easy thing to do to learn to dance in the rain during a storm … but it makes sense does it not?

That is my take on this quote.  What does this quote tell you?