365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 64

I’m so grateful that Ava has arrived safely to me here in Brisbane!

It was a very early start and a big day for such a little puppy.  She flew to us from Sydney.  We are all so happy she is here safely and settling in very well.  She is just beautiful!  She has bounds of energy and is so funny to watch….and then she gets sleepy and has a little sleep.  She has had a few sleeps today.

The photo for today is a collage of a few photo’s snapped today.  The big photo is Ava with one of her new toys.  She loves toys!  Of the four smaller photos – clockwise from top left:

  • Ava and I in the car just about to head home from the airport
    (if I look sleepy that is because I am – I am one big kid – I couldn’t sleep last night – too excited!)
  • Ava and Chelsea
  • Ava exploring the great outdoors
  • Ava with MissM

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