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Don’t fall into the comparison trap!

COMPARISON – let’s face it – we’ve all done it at some stage throughout our life!  If you are stuck in the comparison trap – STOP now!!  It is not good for you and as the quote above says ‘Comparison is an act of violence against the self’.

Why is it bad for you?  Here’s what I think:

  • It feeds your negative self talk
  • It diminishes your self-image and self confidence
  • It feeds those green monsters – envy and jealousy
  • It makes you try to change to be someone other than who you are

What are some examples of comparison?  Here’s a few I can think of (I’m using ‘she’ and ‘they’ but it can also be a ‘he’):

  • She is so much more beautiful than me
  • She is so much slimmer than me
  • She has much nicer clothes than me
  • She/They have so much more money than me/us
  • She/They have a much nicer house than me/us
  • She is so much more motivated, organised, fit and healthier than me
  • She is so much brainier than me
  • She has a much more successful career than me
  • She can juggle more things than me and never seem to get flustered
  • She is so much more creative and artistic than me
  • This is one for my blogger friends:  She has a fancier and more successful blog than me!
  • She is so much more popular than me

I have fallen for the comparison trap in the past and I absolutely refuse to let it trap me anymore.  There are still times I can feel it pulling me but I fight it.  I fight it with every fibre of my being and I am getting much, much better at it every day.

Please, please, please – remember we are all individuals.  We are all different.  We all have different abilities and tolerances.  If we were all the same – how boring would the world be.  Be your unique self.  No-one else is like you.  THAT is special.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your post Min. My life experience has taught me at many occasions to not compare myself to the others. Everyone has positive and negative in the life. Sometimes it’s hard and the feeling of comparison comes back but I always try to fight against it.


    • Hi Rita – thank you for your comment! It’s true – that comparison thing loiters around trying to pull you in but it’s best to fight it and not fall into the trap. It all comes back to accepting and loving yourself for who you are being grateful for all that you have. 😉