365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 60

Not a very deep and meaningful grateful today but still straight from the heart!

I’m grateful that we still have this big wire crate that we used to crate train Colby and Chelsea when they were pups!

This crate folds away flat and has been stored in our garage for many years.  As our dogs got older it was no longer needed.  Thank goodness we still have it.  With Ava joining us on Monday, though we have the other smaller crate for her, this larger crate will be perfect for both Chelsea and Ava to snuggle and bond together.  Both of them wouldn’t fit in the smaller crate.  We have a couple of doggie beds but with a puppy there are times when containment is needed!

I have been busy today cleaning it and assembling it and moving furniture to accommodate it!  It is now in the study/computer area, a perfect discreet spot where the dogs can be near me when I’m on the computer and/or blogging.  I’ve put a cover over it to make it cave-like and cosy and have some nice old blankets and such inside.  I just need to fix that cover at the back!!

Chelsea wouldn’t remember this crate as she was never much of a crate lover as a pup (Colby loved it!).  She was a bit tentative about it at first but is now going in for short periods to check it out.  She knows something is happening.  I can tell she can sense it.  I tell her that Ava is coming on Monday – a new little sister for her.  In this photo she looks like she is saying “Well yes Mum it is quite nice in here but it is very big.  When is this little sister getting here to help fill up all this space!”

I now have a rather large lounge chair that I have to find a place to put.  I had an idea of where to put it but it is too large to get through doorways.  MrMM will have a job to do when he gets home!  Also there is a treadmill to find a new place for.  Amazing how one little job can manage to turn into much more than you bargained for!