Introducing Ava

Today I am introducing you to Ava, a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who today is 8 weeks and 1 day old.  She will be flying to us on a big aeroplane all the way from Sydney to Brisbane next Monday morning.  Only five more sleeps!  I am so excited!!  Ava will turn 9 weeks old the day after she arrives with us in Brisbane.

She comes to us from my friend Libby in Sydney who is an occasional breeder and regular shower of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Libby and I met about 13 years ago through an on-line forum called OzCavaliers.  I joined this forum to learn about the breed that I had fallen in love with before I purchased one.  Little did I know that I would end up getting two – only six months apart.  I met many breeders and other pet owners and learnt a lot about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed.  I adore this breed.  My first two cavvies were purchased through a Brisbane based breeder who has since moved to the Lockyer Valley.  Libby and I have kept in touch over the years and I trust her implicitly as a good breeder and carer of the health of this breed.  We are also avid players of ‘Words with Friends’.  For those that don’t know what that is – it’s like scrabble on-line.  It’s great fun! 🙂

I have kept the secret and dropped hints for long enough!  Now I can’t wait to share her with you!

You can read about how we came to the decision on the name Ava here.

Ava’s registered pedigree name will be ‘Bibianna Baja Rosa‘.  Baja Rosa is an alcoholic drink – it is made with imported tequila and strawberry cream liquor!   We stuck with an alcohol theme because Ava’s mother ‘Jersey’ is Bibianna Raspberry Fiz and her father ‘Jacob’ is Clopsville Jacobs Creek.  Also, Ava’s grandmother ‘Bree’ is Bibianna Froth N Bubbles!  Libby let me choose the registered name and after much googling, I decided on Baja Rosa as it just seemed to suit a little ruby girl so beautifully….and it sounds pretty.

Anyway, without further ado – it is my pleasure to introduce Ava!  This is a photo of her taken yesterday by Libby – the day she turned 8 weeks.  Isn’t she beautiful!!

Here are some photo’s of Ava and one of her litter mates as they grew up.  Tatum (another ruby girl) will be staying with Libby.  Thomas (the Blenheim boy) is being renamed Baxter and going to a new home.

How would you like to meet Ava’s mum?  Here is she is – the beautiful JERSEY.

Here is Ava’s dad – the very handsome JACOB.

And here is Ava’s grandmother BREE who has the most magnificent ears!!

Chelsea will adore having a little sister!  She has missed the company of another dog since we lost Colby in August 2011.  Ava will probably think more of her as a grandmother figure though I suspect! lol

Bring on Monday morning.  I am like an expectant mother – very excited.  Be prepared for lots and lots of photo’s of Ava when she joins us at her new home.

By the way – in yesterday’s post I asked you to guess which one was Ava.  The answer is:  (1) picture on the left – she is the one in the middle (2) picture on the right – she is the one on the left.

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  1. Oh, she’s gorgeous… I’ve seen the references on Facebook etc but have been seriously behind in my blog reading (well, anything that’s required me to be online really!).

    Am sure she’ll be a joy!


    • Thanks Deb! We are really looking forward to meeting her and getting to know her. You’re not the only one behind on the blog reading. I’m not keeping up with everything of late!! I hope you get your internet access sorted really soon! I’ve seen you’ve been having some problems.


    • Thank you! Ohh the cleaning up part is short-lived. They don’t take long to train….then the only cleaning up is regular pooper scooping of the backyard – no biggie – but then I’m used to it. 🙂


  2. Oh my lord, she is so adorable! I have an Ava, too!! My little girl, and she’s 5. She loves your Ava as well. I was really interested to read that Ava means ‘breath of life’. I always thought it meant ‘like a bird’. I like both meanings. 🙂


    • Hi Thea – she is adorable isnt she 😉 I love the name Ava. You picked a beautiful name for your daughter! My sister pointed out that my cousin’s daughter’s name is Ava. Oh well – it’s not going to stop me using the name that I love so much. You’re right – Ava has a few different meanings. I believe ‘like a bird’ is the Latin meaning. ‘Breath of Life’ and also ‘waterfall’ are the english meanings 🙂


  3. Oh I love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels ! My cousin had 2 and they were such gorgeous creatures. I’m considering getting one as our first family pet. Ava is just beautiful and I love Bree’s ears too…so very cool!


    • Hi Grace – I love them too. So much! I can highly recommend them as a family pet. I’m so looking forward to meeting gorgeous little Ava and yes Bree has amazing ears!! xo