365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 59

Today I am grateful for many things that all relate to our new puppy arriving on Monday.

  • I am very grateful that our new puppy ‘Ava’ arrives on Monday and look forward to the ‘breath of life’ and joy she will bring to our house. 
  • I am grateful that I have everything we need and am all ready now for her arrival. 
  • I am very grateful that we have the resources available to afford our new puppy. 

The photograph for today shows the few supplies I have bought in preparation for Ava’s arrival.  I already had the crate.  The little mattress thing inside is new.  The little stuffed Blenheim puppy in the crate we already had.  The two chew toys outside the crate are new.  On top of the crate is a new puppy collar and lead, a snuggle bed-buddy toy, a new food bowl, some liver treats for training and a huge packet of nutritionally balanced puppy food for optimum growth and development.