365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 55

I thought long and hard about what I am grateful for today and there was one overriding thought that could not be surpassed by any other.

I am very grateful that my daughter has arrived safely down the coast for her schoolies week. 

You see, she was driving, with MrMM as passenger.  She has her learners permit and has to get up to 100 hours of driving in various conditions and situations (highways, night driving, rain etc) before she can do her driving test to get her Provisional licence.  This was a good opportunity to not only have some practice of highway driving but to get over 2 hours of driving time.

What we never could have predicted, was that there was a supercell thunderstorm in South East Queensland today.  Here at home, it got very, very dark.  We had torrential rain, wild winds, loud claps of thunder, electrical lightning and we lost power twice.  I was a very worried mamma!!

Luckily, as they drove south, apparently they missed the worst of it and mainly just encountered some rain and thankfully they made it there safely.

Unfortunately as I was a little anxious during the storm worrying about MissM and MrMM, I didn’t take any storm photo’s, so I am borrowing some photo’s from South Brisbane Storms….just to show you what went on here in Brisbane today.

…and there is more to come!  There is a now a new storm warning for South East Queensland for parts of the South Burnett and Toowoomba Council regions.  I hope everyone stays safe.