365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 54

I’m grateful that my youngest child, my daughter MissM, has graduated today from high school having made the most of every opportunity available to her, having pursued her passion for the performing arts with joy and unrelenting energy, and having achieved outstanding academic results.

The photograph above is of all the Year 12 girls in a circle doing the college’s traditional hat throw – their final farewell to their high school years.  Prior to the hat throw, whilst in their circle, they performed each and every one of the schools war cries.  Following this hat throw they were hugging and all in tears (so were the parents).

It has been a very emotional day.  It’s exciting but sad.  The end of an era, yet the excitement of what is to come.  Prior to the circle activities, there was a chapel service that was extremely touching and emotional.  My hanky got put to good use!

I’m so proud of MissM and so proud of her lovely circle of friends and of all the Year 12 girls.

MissM and I spent some lovely mother/daughter time after the festivities this morning.  We went for a spa pedicure and lunch! 🙂

Tonight we have the Valedictory Dinner!

I’ve included today, another couple of photo’s of all the Year 12 girls in the circle.  I seem to be making a habit of including more than one photo for my grateful photos!  I know I say this a lot – but to better see the photograph’s – click on them and see the larger version.

This one is of the girls whilst doing one of the school’s war cries.

This one is a little closer up of MissM flanked by her friends.


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  1. Oh that’s a great tradition for the end of school! I don’t remember having anything like that.
    No wonder you were teary; I would have been a mess!


    • Thanks Jess. It’s a lovely tradition. Everything was done beautifully. Luckily I wasn’t the only teary mum. There were even teary dads! There wasn’t anything as nice as that when I finished school either!


  2. Congratulations! I remember how emotional finishing school was. It felt like it would never happen and then boom! It was all done and dusted.