My youngest child finishes school forever this week

MissM is in her last week of Year 12.  Her exams are all over!  She will soon be saying farewell to the College where she has spent the last five years completing her high school studies.  She has been very happy at this school and has made a very wide circle of friends, all lovely girls.  She has also done extraordinarily well in her studies and I am very proud of her.

It has surprised me how emotional I am feeling this week.  On the one hand I am rejoicing the end of having to pay school fees.  On the other hand, it means my little girl (my youngest!) is well on the path to independence and a new university life that I will not have much part in, zooming to the dreaded age of 18 where “they can do what they want”.

This last week for the year 12’s has been exam free as they finished exams last week.

Monday  – was ‘Safe Choices Day’ an informative day with regards to planning for safe and enjoyable celebrations at the end of Year 12.  The theme was ‘Celebrate but Watch your Mate’ where they were visited by the Qld Police Service who spoke about safety at schoolies, the Red Frogs who spoke on surviving schoolies.  Later lessons were on exploring issues that many youth of today have to deal with.  MissM rolled her eyes when I asked about it saying “oh we’re not children – it’s just common sense”, but secretly I was SO glad that they had this day for it is all information that I want at the forefront of their minds when they converge on the Gold Coast for schoolies!  “Did they tell you to never accept a drink from a stranger?” I asked.  “Oh mum – for god’s sake – as if we don’t know that!”.  Well I needed to say it and so I did. 🙂  I have some more up my sleeve that I will slip in before she heads off on Saturday!

Tuesday (today) – Year 12 students are not required to go to school as the Academic Staff will be finalising their exam results.  MissM, however, has gone to school for a private drama lesson, in preparation for an audition in late November.

Wednesday – not sure what will fill the Year 12’s day, but it will probably include rehearsals for Speech Night which is at 7pm on this night.

Thursday – Year 12 students meet with their subject teachers throughout the day to discuss final assessment and results.

Friday – THE BIG DAY!!  Year 12 girls attend a breakfast at 7:30am.  It is tradition that the Year 11’s provide and serve this breakfast.  Parents come along at 9:30am for the graduation service.  This is followed by the College’s traditional hat throw.  All Year 12’s stand in a large circle and throw their hats in the air – their final farewell.  They then leave the school for the final time.  There will be a lot of tears on this day!!  Teenage girls are VERY emotional!  Mothers are very emotional!!  On Friday I will have to go armed with lots of tissues and be sure to have my sunglasses!

Friday Night:  Valedictory Dinner.  As part of the ceremony on the evening, the girls who have joined the Old Girls’ Association (MissM has) will be inducted and presented with the OGA badge.

Saturday – Off to schoolies.  Exciting for them, nerve-wracking for the parents.  I am more looking forward to the following Saturday when they return home!

Where did the years go?  It only seems like yesterday that my little MissM started Year 1!  After this week, I no longer will have ANY children at school.

I wish all Year 12’s a fun but safe schoolies week next week and all the very best for their futures!

The photograph included with this post is of MissM on her very first day of school (Year 1).  It is not the best quality image as it was scanned over a decade ago when technology was not like it is now.  I haven’t yet managed to find the original to re-scan.

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  1. Wow! I’m always surprised at how early Y12 finishes each year. I’m sure school finished in December back when we were in Y12!!!

    You must be very proud and Miss M should be too!


    • It all came around far too quickly Deb! I can’t remember when Yr 12 finished back in my day? God that makes me feel old! Word of advice for anyone reading this – avoid the Gold Coast next week! lol I am very proud of her. She is a smart and clever cookie. Can’t wait till the schoolies bit is over though 😉


    • Hi there – yes it is a huge milestone and I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about it. I feel emotional…but not really sure why exactly. As for what’s next for me … I don’t know! I’m hoping my blog will help me discover that 🙂


  2. You blink and they are all grown up. I don’t think I slept a wink on schoolies week as I just kept checking the mobile phone for a message of help. No message arrived and they arrived home safe and me – well I slept for 15 hours straight.


    • I was lucky with my twin boys. One of them stayed with a group of friends at my brother’s holiday house way up the north coast. The other wasn’t interested in schoolies so didnt go away. My daughter will not be spending the entire week on the gold coast – just two nights – the rest of the time they are staying on the coast further south. They do grow up so quick…and then we find ourselves so much older too unfortunately! I think I will be checking the mobile a lot! How did our mothers cope when there were no mobiles? I’m glad your schoolies experience ended well and you got that lovely 15 hour sleep lol. 🙂


    • Hi Sophie – yes it is exciting! A bit sad that it’s the end of an era but exciting that a new chapter begins. She has a really bright future ahead of her. I’ll just be much happier once schoolies is over with!


  3. It is hard when they finish school isn’t it. I don’t know if you know anyone on the Gold Coast but I live here and if she has any problems at all she is more than welcome to contact me (drop me an e-mail and I can send you my details). My daughter is in 3rd year uni and is working at schoolies with the SES unit that she belongs to so if you need any help at all – please don’t hesitate to contact us. (I know that this may seem a little strange seeing as I haven’t come across your blog before but you could ask some of the other bloggers – I really would be happy to help if she had a problem.
    A whole new chapter is about to begin for you and her – embrace it and enjoy the times you spend together !
    Have the best day ever !


    • Oh thank you so much – that is so kind of you! I might just email you so that she can have a contact should need some help (hopefully not!). She will only be on the Gold Coast for two nights. The rest of the time she will be further south (NSW). I will pop over and visit your blog 🙂 xo


    • Thanks Rita – yes it is exciting (mixed with a bit of sadness). She will be going on to Uni – will have to wait till December to see what she gets in to but it will be around Drama & Acting. She has always loved the performing arts 🙂


  4. My second eldest Graduates on Friday and I’m also emotional. My baby starts High school next year. I wish your daughter luck for her future and I wish you calm for the week that she will attend schoolies, I am also wishing calm for myself during this week, I dont think it matters how many of your children graduate and attend schoolies emotions continue to run high xxx


  5. Aww we can’t wait for them to start school then when they fully finish school we are a emotional mess. I still have a way to go with my eldest only in year 4 this year and my youngest not even thinking about her starting school yet. Hope she has a bright future makes mistakes and learns from them.


    • Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only emotional mother out there! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown! Speech night tonight. Gotta get my skates on – what to wear?, early dinner etc