365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 51

I am grateful that mobile phones were invented!  With my daughter – MissM – about to go off to ‘schoolies’ on Saturday, I am ever so grateful that mobile phones were invented in time for when I had teenagers!!  This photograph is of my phone.  MissM has one exactly the same.  So long as she keeps it charged (she better!) … it will be my link to her and vice versa.  It will provide me with reassurance that she is safe.  It is instant contact with me if she needs to talk to me or needs my help.  It will get me through the week while she is away.  One contact per day is what I am asking – so that each day I  know she is safe.  As much as I hope that she and her friends have fun and enjoy their week, I will be most happy when they return home the following Saturday!