Wynnum Manly District

Meet my hairdressers!

I like to share and talk about my local area on my blog.  So far I’ve shown you some beautiful scenic places around my local area but I haven’t yet introduced you to some of the local people or businesses.

Today I’m introducing you to my hairdressing salon OzHair and its staff.

Meet my hairdresser ‘Amy’.

Amy is the owner of OzHair, the local hairdressing salon that I have been going to for many years.  Twin1, Twin2 and MissM also go to this salon.  Amy is a local girl who has lived in the Wynnum Manly area her entire life.  Amy started at this same salon when it was under a different name and ownership at the age of 15 as a tea and tidy girl.  When she finished high school she was employed at the salon full-time and completed her apprenticeship.  At the age of 21 she was managing the salon, and at 23 she purchased the salon!  Amy refurbished the salon according to her taste and bought new equipment to meet client needs and she renamed the salon ‘OzHair’, a name that meant something to her as it was a family nickname given to her when she was very young.  As you will see from the pictures, Amy’s favourite colour is PURPLE!  Amy is so proud of her salon and I am proud of her.  She has achieved so much and at such a young age.  Her passion for hairdressing was there from a very young age and she never veered from that passion.  Just over two years ago, Amy and her husband had their first child, a gorgeous little boy ‘Noah’.   It’s lovely that when I visit, there is an album full of photo’s of Noah so I can watch him grow.  Amy is such a friendly, bubbly and  lovely person.  Going to the hairdressers for me is like a little extension of home – like family!  I can truly relax and enjoy as I am always made feel at home and sort of like I’m important and special whenever I visit.

Meet Kathryn!

Kathryn completed her apprenticeship with Amy at OzHair in 2008.   Kathryn is also a local Wynnum Manly girl.  She is also a lovely and friendly girl.  Kathryn recently travelled overseas to Europe with her partner and her sister and her sister’s partner and I really enjoyed looking through all her photo’s on her return.  When Amy was on maternity leave Kathryn was doing my hair and she is an excellent hairdresser!  She still does my hair on occasion and it’s always lovely to catch up with her when I visit.  She cut Twin1 and Twin2’s hair just the other day!  Oh boy was I ever so happy to see their copious locks flowing to the floor!

Meet Maxine!

Maxine is Amy’s mum!  She is such a lovely person.  Her and Amy are so alike it is uncanny!  Maxine provides support to Amy and Kathryn and does all the administration for the salon.  I love that this is a family oriented salon.

The hair lady

This large piece of artwork has been in the salon since it first opened.  Amy tells me it is very heavy so she stayed when Amy bought the salon.  The lady in this artwork has REAL hair.  It is quite an amazing piece of artwork.  You really need to see it to appreciate it.

Unfortunately this photo was taken with my phone and there was no avoiding the reflections of the overhead fluro lighting.  If you click on it you’ll see the larger version.

Hair Station

I don’t know what hairdressers call it, but I’m dubbing it a ‘hair station’.  This is one of the ‘hair station’s’ where you sit to get snipped and pampered.  It’s also when I catch up on celebrity gossip by flicking through some magazines!  You can see Kathryn in the mirror over at the basin washing a client’s hair.  I used this photo as my 365 Grateful – Day 48 photo.

Wall Art

Here are a few phone snaps of some of the wall art in the salon.

Products Galore

My name is Min and I am a hair product addict!!  OzHair has a wonderful variety of fantastic products.  I have loved every product I have ever bought here.  I have my favourite few brands and switch them around each time I run out.  My hair gets bored with the same product all the time and responds well with variety.  Amy is constantly keeping an eye out for good products.  There are products for every hair type and many great ones that keep the hair healthy and shiny whilst also helping to preserve colour.

I took a photo of Amy and Kathryn with my phone when I was at my appointment the other day.  I’ve put a purple frame around it especially for Amy.  Kathryn was washing a client’s hair.  As I wanted a photo of Amy and Kathryn together, Amy went over to stand beside Kathryn and the client was quite happy to be in the photo.  I told the client that I would dub her ‘the celebrity client’, but I decided that it is probably a good idea that I crop her out as even though we did tell her it was for my blog, I’m not quite sure if she realised that the photo would be ending up on the internet!

Thank you to Amy, Maxine and Kathryn for always making my hair appointments such a lovely experience!

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  1. That sounds great. The hairdresser I go to is owned by a young local girl, and it’s always relaxed and laid back, no so sterile(snobbish) as some. I hav just taken Izzy to have her first haircut there too. I think it’s fab you are showing us around your area 🙂


    • Hi Alicia – that’s what I like about this salon – no sterile snobbery. I like small welcoming places 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to share my post on your ‘open slather monday’. It’s a first for me! I plan to visit all the other posts on there, haven’t got around them all yet – so busy today – but I will! 🙂 xo


    • Oh that would be lovely having a hairdresser come to your house! I kinda like the outing going to my hairdressers – a little time out just for me – it’s just a short drive away and I enjoy the nice music playing softly in the background and there is this gorgeous lounge thing at the basins where you can lie down in comfort while your hair is washed etc. Love it 🙂