365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 48

I’m grateful for my hair appointments!  I go every 7 weeks and went today.  I love the time out, sipping water or coffee, reading magazines and catching up on celebrity gossip (true or not) and catching up with the girls in the salon.  I love the scalp massage following the shampoo.  I usually get rather sleepy during this phase!!  I also get my eyebrows waxed when I go.  There’s nothing so uplifting as walking out of the salon with your hair and brows looking and feeling great!

I’ve been going to this local salon for a long, long time so have got to know the owner very well.  She worked in the salon as an apprentice, then a fully fledged hairdresser and eventually bought it, re-named it and refurbished it according to her taste.   I love that it is a small, local salon.  There is only one other hairdresser on staff and the owner’s mum who provides support and does all the administration for the salon.  I will introduce you to the salon and the team in a blog post coming soon!