365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 43

Today I was grateful for some time out from all things social media and blogging.

I love my blog!  I love taking photographs, writing and expressing myself.  I love that I have my own blogging space that I can shape and create to match me and what I want it to be.   I am also very inquisitive and I love to learn.  Sometimes that part of my nature coupled with my perfectionism can be to my own detriment.  Lately, I have been swept away in learning stuff – technical stuff and blogosphere stuff and SEO stuff and social media stuff – and I don’t always understand it – and it can all be very time-consuming.  It makes my head swirl and today I needed a break from it all.

Today I made a point of having some quiet time outside on the old white cane chair in the photograph.  I put the fountain on in the fish pond.  I could hear the sound of running water, the pool filter kick in, birds chirping, palm trees rustling in the breeze, children playing nearby, Chelsea snoring lol.  Sometimes I still have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN AND SMELL THE ROSES!!

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