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My Week According to Instagram

Tonight I’m linking up for the first time with Tina Gray {dot} Me and her ‘My week according to Instagram Blog Linky’.

Rather than creating a collage, I decided on a slide show.  It starts from today – Sunday 4 November – and goes back to last Sunday 28 October.

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1.   *My 365 Grateful – Day 42 photo:  A nest of Currawongs in a Leopard tree at my parents house today!

2.  Hippeastrums in mum’s front garden.

3.  Beautiful Jacaranda’s snapped en-route to my parents house today.

4.  *My 365 Grateful – Day 41 photo:  My bed – love it!

5.  Coffee and Apple Crumble at a new cafe ‘Sally the Cake Lady’ – after a gym workout with my sister! lol

6.  *My 365 Grateful – Day 40 photo:  Thank you to all my readers!! xx

7.  *My 365 Grateful – Day 39 photo:  Dads Birthday – he turned 82 on 1 November.  Photo is of him holding me as a baby.

8.  Halloween leftovers – this is what was left of a full bowl of lollies after the neighbours kids came trick or treating!

9.  *My 365 Grateful – Day 38 photo:  Enid Blyton – mum brought down some of my favourite childhood books!

10. *My 365 Grateful – Day 37 photo:  Grateful for my fishpond and fishies.  Love the sound of running water when the fountain is going.

11. *My 365 Grateful – Day 36 photo:  Indian Wedding Dolls – last gift from my expat sister before she returned to Australia.  I have much of Asia throughout my house though I have only ever had one overseas trip to Singapore!

12. Carpet of Lavender – photograph taken when visiting my M-I-L at the nursing home last Sunday.

13. *My 365 Grateful – Day 35 photo:  Grateful to have a roof over my family’s heads!

To top the week off – I was nominated for a Liebster Award.  What a great week!

There is more about each of the photographs that have an asterisk* beside them on my blog 🙂 !


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    • Hi Lisa – glad you like the slideshow. It was easier than trying to create a collage – especially as it was getting late at night! Thanks for heading over to like my page. I think you’d be liker number 43! I’ll see if I can find you to like you back 🙂