Month: October 2012

365 Grateful – Day 15

I’m grateful that I am a little bit creative.  Being creative is very therapeutic and very satisfying when you get good results!  The photograph today is of an abstract acrylic painting I did a couple of years ago.  Whilst it is far from a masterpiece, I was quite […]


Welcome to my first official ‘Mish Mash Monday’ post! As you’d know by now – I am an animal lover and I’ve had a few pets over my lifetime.  One by one, I will introduce you to them! Today, I’m introducing you to Shaddi.  Shaddi was born in […]

365 Grateful – Day 14

I’m grateful for pine cones!  We have many pine trees nearby to us and they drop a lot of pine cones.  We often collect them to put around our pot plants.  As you can see in today’s photograph, I have a plant in a plastic pot sitting inside […]

365 Grateful – Day 13

I am very grateful for books!  As I pointed out in a recent post, I have always loved to read.  Reading not only can educate you, but can transport you to another place and another time.  Reading can reduce stress, provide tranquility and solace, increase your vocabulary and […]

Amended MinsMash Weekly Planner

You might recall I said that it was a woman’s prerogative to change her mind? Well, I have!  A slightly revised MinsMash Weekly Planner has been published to the Blog on its own new page and I have also put a copy here in this post.  The only […]

365 Grateful – Day 12

I am grateful for having such a thoughtful and wonderful mother.  In the early days of my marriage, my mother gave my sisters and I a lovely timber calendar frame.  Each year, at Christmas, we receive a calendar for our frames for the new year.  This has become […]

The MM Twins

Nearly 20 years ago I became a mother – not just a mother but a mother of multiples!  That’s right – I had twins.  Not the identical type – but the fraternal type. At 36 weeks gestation, I gave birth to two gorgeous little baby boys (Twin1 and […]

365 Grateful – Day 11

Today has been a long and emotional day as we celebrated the life of my Uncle John and bid him farewell.  There has been no opportunity to snap a photograph and there is no photograph I could take that truly reflects how I feel today.  However, the image […]

365 Grateful – Day 10

Today, after my baking fiasco, I am very grateful that my Peanut Chocolate Slice worked out!!  I’ve had many things on my ‘to do’ list today and still more tonight so I am very grateful that the Peanut Chocolate Slice box is now well and truly ticked!  It […]