365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 38

I’m grateful to have newly acquired favourite childhood books!

My parents recently came to visit and my mother presented me with a bag of goodies containing a few surprises, including the three pictured favourite books from my childhood.  The moment I saw them, I felt a sense of excitement.  These three books meant so much to me as a child.  I am going to re-read them so that I can re-visit the stories and re-connect to the childhood me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I love the books just as much now!

Let’s start with Shadow the Sheepdog by Enid Blyton.  I loved this book so much that a childhood dog was named Shadow after the main dog character in this book, and I also later called my Maltese Shaddi.

Here is my childhood review written inside the book.  This made me laugh out loud when I saw it just the other day.

Five Fall Into Adventure – another Enid Blyton book and another childhood favourite.  You must remember the FAMOUS FIVE – Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy the dog.  It seems I was quite the book reviewer as a child.  Here is my childhood review of Five Fall Into Adventure which is written inside the book.  This also made me laugh out loud to read again after all these years!

The next book absolutely fascinated me when I was a child.  I’m not sure how old I was when I read this book but I remember I loved it so much that I read it over and over again.  It is The Girl Who Knew Tomorrow by Zoa Sherburne.  There is no childhood review inside the book but I can tell you a little about the story:

Ever since she was a little girl, Angie Scofield has known that she is different.  As she grows up and becomes the famous “girl who knows tomorrow”, she realizes that because she has ESP (extrasensory perception) she can never have the everyday, ordinary fun that other girls have.  And then she meets Sam, who doesn’t know at first who she is.  Now they must part.  Will he write as he has promised, or will he just become another one of her fans?

Bet you want to go out and buy it now! 😉

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  1. Hi Min. Lovely to meet you on a detour from FYBF. This post caught my eye because I loved my Enid Blyton books as a child. I had the entire Famous Five collection. It’s too bad they have all been lost though the various moves from home to home and country to country as I was growing up. I just wish my parents had been more sentimental and kept them for me…amongst other childhood items. You can be sure ill be keeping a lot of my girl’s childhood favourites for their future!


    • Hi – lovely to meet you too! Enid Blyton books do have a habit of catching your eye don’t they. I loved them so much as a child and just looking at them brings back that excited feeling I used to get as a child when I was about to read a new one. Sad that you lost yours from childhood but good that you know to keep hold of your children’s favourite books for their future! 🙂 x