Flashback Friday

Year 3 Min

Alison Tait of Life In A Pink Fibro has put out a challenge to share your Year 3 photo!  I don’t normally post on a Saturday but I love a challenge and I do happen to have a Year 3 photo.

Now before you look at my photo, I have to explain something – I had dry lips and I therefore was continually licking my lips to moisten them and so unfortunately had a little chafing problem under my lips much to my mother’s disdain!

We were living in Warwick in regional Queensland at the time and it was cold and windy at times!  That is the only excuse I can think of – or maybe coz lip balm wasn’t invented then??!!

We only had one year living in Warwick.  Dad had been transferred there.  I went to a Catholic Primary School – St Mary’s.  Here is the class photo from Year 3.  Being small, I was always in the front row with the other smallies – so there I am – far right – front row.  Even from a distance you can see my chafing problem – good grief!!

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  1. Oh that’s a cute photo of you as a Year 3’er all in pink! 🙂 I must say I balked at posting mine when I dug around and found it only to realise THAT was the year I had the chafing problem! LOL