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There is always something to be thankful for!

This quote ‘There is always,always, always something to be thankful for’ is just so appropriate to post on my blog.  I’m doing a 365 Grateful project.  Every day for 365 days I am looking around me for something to photograph that I am grateful for.  Already this process has made me more mindful and aware.   I am doing this project for many reasons:

  • to make me more conscious of how lucky I am
  • to slow down my life so that I can ‘smell the roses’
  • as a means to indulging and practicing a long-held dream and never before explored passion for photography
  • as a way to help me rediscover joy and happiness

Thankful and grateful both mean much the same, however I think grateful is the stronger word.  For example, THANKFUL could be meant as being relieved/pleased that what you hoped for has actually happened.  Whereas GRATEFUL means that you appreciate what someone has done for you and you want to express your thanks.

Even during the most stressful or darkest of times, there is always something to be thankful and grateful for.  It is just a matter of your mindset – training your mind to be more mindful and open and aware.

Life gets better when you adopt a gratitude attitude!