I Cry When My Daughter Dances!

Yes I do.  I cry when my daughter dances!!

Tonight we are going to my favourite event of the school year – the Dance Showcase – and this is the last one EVER because she will soon be finished school FOREVER.  This is where I get to see my daughter dance – many dances she has done throughout the year which I have yet to see.

My daughter has always loved the performing arts – particularly acting and dance.  Here she is as a preschooler in a dance to ‘Under the Sea‘ from The Little Mermaid.

MissM is in the Senior Dance Troupe which competes against other schools.  This year they won against all the other schools with their ‘Hairspray’ dance to “You can’t stop the beat“.  I have seen this dance and it is brilliant!

She does Dance as a subject at school!  How lucky are they these days with their choice of subjects!!  So, there will be dance pieces that she has choreographed herself that I have yet to see.  There will also be dance pieces from this year’s musical ‘The Sound of Music’.

I had a test run the other night at the Performing Arts Awards Night.  She was only in a couple of dances that night –  one of which was the hairspray one.  I tried to be strong but it still happened…the lip quivers, the tears form and fall and all of a sudden I am one of those mothers sitting in the audience dabbing at her eyes with a tissue….and I leave with red eyes!

Why do I cry?  Well you see I think it is seeing the PURE JOY and PASSION and HAPPINESS on her face.  It is also because she dances so beautifully, with such grace and poise….and well I’m just so darn proud of her.  I love seeing her loving what she does! 🙂

The school holds a musical every second year and the intervening years a physical theatre piece.  MissM has been in every production since starting at the school in Year 8.  So there’s been:

  • Year 8 – Musical – The Wizard of Oz
  • Year 9 – Physical Theatre – ‘Wendy’s Dream’ (a twist on Peter Pan)
  • Year 10 – Musical – A Chorus Line
  • Year 11 – Physical Theatre – Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’
  • Year 12 – Musical – The Sound of Music

She has also been in a couple of musicals hosted by a local boys school.

So tonight will be a night filled with dances, many with her in them and some with her dancing solo.  This is our last chance to see her dance like this – a momentous occasion.  Extended family are also coming along to watch!  I will load up my handbag with tissues, hankies and sunglasses for later – oh will that look weird of an evening??

There is even more chance than ever that I will cry tonight because this is the last dance showcase ever and my daughter and the other year 12’s will be in tears at the end for sure!  I know from experience – if they cry – I cry!!  And they will!  It will be like:  oh my god this is the last one EVER, oh my god no more dance troupe, oh my god no more musicals, oh my god no more physical theatre, oh my god THE END OF AN ERA – wahhhhhhhhh!!

And so of course I will cry – oh my god – SO WHAT!! 😉

Here’s a photo of MissM from this year’s musical – ‘The Sound of Music’.  Her face has been blurred to protect her privacy.

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    • Thank you – so glad I’m not the only one. It’s that passion and joy and happiness that radiates from her when she performs that gets me every time. And she is so good at what she does. I’m sure it’s the same that moves you with you son 🙂 Thanks for the follow! x


    • Thank you! I wish I’d had the option to dance when I was at school but the options were far fewer back then. As you’ve danced I’m sure you can relate to the passion and joy my daughter gets from it. I will definately enjoy the night but I’m sure to be red eyed by the end LOL x


  1. Oh, bless! You wouldn’t be a Mama if you didn’t cry.
    My boys (they’re only 2) have started swimming lessons without us in the water with them and when I saw the smiles on their faces kicking by themselves on a noodle, I just burst into tears.
    Your girl looks like she’s the makings of a real star! 🙂


    • Grace – do you have twins? I have twin boys – nearly 20 now! I’m the biggest sook but get worse as I get older. I did quite well tonight – just a quiet little sob or two 😉 lol