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I Heart My Body. Well I’m getting there!

Today is ‘I Heart my Body Day‘.  This is an initiative of We Heart Life.  To participate, you include a photograph of yourself that you love (in my case – can bare to look at), talk about your body love – naming three things about your body that you love and share your own body image story.

It was very difficult for me to find a photograph of more than my head!  I shy away from photographs of myself.  I never like photographs of myself.  The photograph I have included with this post is a quick snapshot taken of me last year at a birthday party for my mother.  I was photographed with my beautiful daughter but I have cropped her out as I have made a decision to not include recent photographs of my children on my blog.  I find it quite confronting to look at a photograph of myself because in my mind’s eye I always look quite different.  Always better of course!  However, this photograph I can manage to look at without too much discomfort.

When I was younger I was always tiny and slim, so a fat day was a day when my tummy bloated a bit.  It was easily fixed.  If I had a party coming up, I’d just go easy on the food for a day and voila – flat tummy again!  My body issues in those days was my height and my skin.  I am just over 5ft tall, so quite petite (I refuse to use the word that starts with s and ends in t!).  I used to teeter around in ridiculously high-heeled shoes to appear taller.  I always longed for beautiful long legs like Elle McPherson (pipe dream! lol).  My only other angst was my skin – breakouts were disastrous in my mind.  I never had acne – just the odd pimple here and there and always timed perfectly with a particular party coming up. 😉

As a woman now in her 40’s my body issues have changed and sadly increased.  I’ve had three children, two pregnancies and two caesarians.   Are you scratching your head?  Wondering how I had three children with just two pregnancies?  Yes – you are correct.  I had twins!  My tummy was stretched beyond what it was ever meant to.  My body issues today centre mainly around my stomach/abdominal area and what has become of it post pregnancy and 2 caesarians, and my weight.  I will never wear a bikini again – but I’m ok with that.  The battle against the bulge is now always present.  As we get older our metabolism slows so the need to exercise more, eat less and have better nutrition increases.  I’m not too worried about wrinkles and such just yet.

Three things I love about my body: 

  1. My lips – they are nice full lips
  2. I have always had ample boozies – I’d rather that than be flat chested
  3. I like that I have slim wrists and ankles.

I think that overall women need to be kinder to themselves.  We are our own worst critics.  We always find faults with ourselves.  In reality we were meant to have curves and to be honest I find a woman with curves far more attractive than a reed thin stick woman who looks half starved!

I think I am gradually coming to terms with the fact that I will never be the young and slim girl that I was again.  I realise that to achieve the best version of myself I need to look after myself.  I need plenty of rest, regular exercise, good clean nutrition, friends, fun and laughter!  Also – I could be far worse off.  I have two legs, two arms and all the right bits that allow my body to do all that I want it to do.  I am actually very fortunate and I need to remind myself of that.  For these reasons…I actually do heart my body!

How about you – do you heart your body?

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    • Hi Carly! LOL – yes I’ve noticed that – thank god for boozies! 😉 It was my pleasure to link up and participate. Thank you for the opportunity and such a wonderful concept! Next year I’ll be more prepared! xx


  1. I must say that I love boozies too! haha, (be worried if I didn’t)

    That’s a great and very real and down to earth story.
    I too struggle to look at pictures of myself, not so much for any body issues, I just hate seeing photos of myself, my latest profile pic is the first time I have ever used pic of my face (I am hiding inside my helmet but….)


    • Thanks Anthony! Yeah the boozies have been very popular for #iheartmybody day today 🙂 I’m funny about photo’s of myself but I do plan to get over myself and get more photo’s taken of myself so my kids actually have some when I’m gone. You should totally get rid of that helmet. I’m sure you have a lovely face under there! 😉