365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 31


There’s a little bit of my vintage love coming out today.  I’m grateful for old bone china tea cup and saucer sets.  The tea cup, saucer and plate set in today’s photograph has been passed down to me through the family.  It is quite old.  It’s Royal Vale Bone China named ‘Rose Petals’ and was made in England.

Today I’ve felt very tired and body weary.  I’ve been having a few too many late nights at the computer because I’m so enthusiastic about blogging and keen to learn all I can and make connections with like-minded people.  [Note to self:  do not stay up late tonight!]   I’ve also started at a new gym, been going most days and had my first personal trainer session today.  My body is in a little bit of shock!  So today I needed a bit of down time.  This afternoon I had a little nanna nap – didn’t sleep but had a nice rest.  I also got out this lovely tea cup and saucer set and had myself a quiet little fancy cup of tea.  Usually this set sits in my china cabinet and just looks pretty…but it should be used and today it was and it will again.