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Potted Herb Garden TLC Rescue Project

In my Lunch at Hawkins post, I mentioned that I went to the nursery to get some new herbs in order to rescue my sadly neglected potted herb garden.  Some time back I made a potted herb garden alongside the garden shed out the back.  I dug up some grass, gathered some old pots around the house and grouped them together alongside the garden shed, some nice smooth stones were purchased to toss around them, and a makeshift plastic edge was placed around it all to keep the grass out.

Here is a photo of what it looked like when first done.

…and I had plans to do more…add some more pots, more plants, put a trellis behind against the shed and maybe grow something up it.  It never happened!  Worse, the garden hardly got watered and we’ve had drought conditions here in Brisbane. I know – I’m hanging my head in shame.   It wasn’t entirely forgotten about – it did get a water whenever I went out to the clothesline – which was usually on weekends (most times!).  Why did this happen?   Well I was living a very busy corporate life and well some things got let go!  The potted herb garden was one of them!  I had good intentions! 🙂

You may wonder why I chose to put the herbs in pots rather than planting in the ground?  If you own pets, you will know the answer to that!  At the time, I still had two dogs – Colby and Chelsea – and those new little baby plants would have been dug up quicker than you can say Jack Robinson!

Here are the herbs that I purchased at the nursery.  They spent a night in a lasagna dish of water before being welcomed into their new home on Saturday.  There is some basil, chives, mint, oregano, and I got some lavender (cos I can!).

The potted herb garden had two surviving herbs:  the coriander was still doing quite well – just needed some dead bits removed and a good water; the parsley is hanging by a thread!  Please prepare yourself for the sorry sight below.  My poor neglected potted herb garden.  God rest it’s soul!

WARNING:  viewing this photo could be disturbing to avid garden enthusiasts and other generally green thumbed persons!!

Oh dear, as you can see, starting at the left – pots 1-5 are goners; pot 6 is the parsley hanging by a thread, pot 7 is the coriander which just needed a little TLC.  The soil in each pot was bone dry!  You only have to look at the grass and see we have been short of rain here in Brisbane!

So out I went on Saturday to give my potted herb garden a little TLC rescue and rejuvenation.  It was hot out there and I don’t like hot – but I deserved trying conditions – such a bad potted herb garden mum I have been!

Here it is now, on its way to a new and better life.  It is not finished yet.  I solemnly swear that I will attend to its every need and will continue to add more pots and more plants and make it the best potted herb garden ever!

Looking a little bit more loved now … L to R:  lavender, basil, oregano, mint, chives, fingers crossed for the parsley, coriander with a haircut!

Closer up shot of the L to R:  basil, oregano, mint, chives and fingers crossed for the parsley!!

Here is a nice close up of the SMILING coriander which has had a haircut and been well watered.

So I feel good now, some love has been bestowed on my potted herb garden.  Order has been restored!  Just need to remember to keep watering them!  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes/grows and any new additions to the potted herb garden family.

Postscript:  I needed parsley for a meal I cooked the other night.  I couldn’t go chopping into my “fingers crossed for the parsley” so rather than buy some cut parsley, I bought a little pot of parsley.  So *fingers crossed for the parsley* will be getting a companion to encourage it along.


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  1. Hmm coriander ….. I either have so much I don’t know what to do with it or it dies before it starts. It pops up in the lawn and it doesn’t necessarily need to pop up near the main plant or as I have just said it dies before it gets started.


  2. Hi Vicki! I used to have that problem with mint (not the dying before it starts thing but the growing and spreading like crazy thing)! Mint can go crazy if planted in a garden bed. Mine is restricted in a pot but I will have to keep an eye on it 😉 I just hope everything survives and grows! It’s been so dry here that it is hard for anything to flourish unless you provide daily TLC!


  3. I have plans for a herb garden. I will get around to it eventually! I have an old wheelbarrow that is rusting out a bit so I reckon it can have another life as a garden vessel! Plus the Cavaliers won’t be able to get at the plants. Fingers crossed the Lapphund doesn’t take a liking to it…..


    • Hi there Libby! I love a herb garden in an old wheelbarrow! In fact, I had just that at my previous house. Unfortunately had to leave it there as it was full of soil and happy herbs that I didn’t want to disturb. It’ll be safe with the cav’s. I don’t know too much about Lapphund’s but fingers crossed for you! 🙂