365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 27

I’m grateful for artists and their art – in all the different forms that they come!  I love the feelings that viewing a piece of artwork that takes my fancy brings out in me.  Like being inspired to create my own art, feeling uplifted, and reflective (What inspired them to paint this? Where did the timber come from? What paints did they use? etc).  This painting, on what looks like an old timber door or window shutter or put together with old timber cast offs, was on the wall at the Gardener’s Cafe at Hawkins Garden Nursery when I was there the other day for lunch.  It caught my eye because I love old rustic things and this piece of art made me feel uplifted.  I would love something like this on the wall in my back pergola area.  I could have included this photograph in my ‘Lunch at Hawkins‘ post but I decided to keep it separate and use it as a grateful photo, because I am always inspired by various pieces of art and the artists that create them and so am very grateful for artists and their art.


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  1. Why dont you paint your own? or at least begin lessons. A friend of mine (who very sadly died last week) didnt think she could paint or draw … though she was creative in many other ways… anyway, she tool up both at 63. along with making dichroic glass jewellery. She did the most incredible stuff!