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Lunch at Hawkins

I had an impromptu outing to Hawkins Nursery today!  It was a beautiful day here in Brisbane and I felt the need to spend some time outdoors.  I have a very neglected potted herb garden that needs some attention – urgently!  So, I decided to go to Hawkins Nursery to get some new herbs for my planned ‘potted herb garden TLC project’.  Hawkins Nursery has a lovely cafe and it’s a shame to go there without taking the time to sit amongst all the beautiful plants and enjoy a coffee or some lunch.  I contacted my friend Kylie to see if she would like to come along and luckily she was keen and so off we went.

I love this wall that you see as you leave your car and walk towards the entrance to the nursery.

As you enter Hawkins, there are beautiful homewares everywhere.  There were some divine Christmas decorations!  I know, can you believe Christmas is getting so close!  I was particularly taken with this little white table and chair set and loved the contrast of the red and green Christmas decorations next to it.

Once we could drag ourselves away from the homewares, we wandered out and began looking at all the beautiful plants.  Here are some of the lovely sights we saw.  I love the old and rustic look so this old cart with its rusty looking wheels, the contrast of old metal and timber, and being full of orange and purple flowers definitely caught my eye.

Who doesn’t love a Bougainvillea?  I love the way this one has been trained into a twist and I adore the aged cream pot it is in.

I loved this quirky little bird feeder.  Wonder if the cat with the glowing eyes might not scare them away though?

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful red rose.  One beautifully opened flower with a bud full of promise right next to it.

There’s something about lavender against green that I just adore!

As well as being distracted by all the beautiful plants around us, I did get the herbs I wanted.  I will save the potted herb garden story for another post.

After walking around in the sunshine for quite a while on a hot day we were ready for a cold drink and some lunch.

Oh no – this lunch has chips too!  I didn’t eat them – truly!

Time for coffee…and this coffee was very good!!

As we left and went through the checkout, we came across a lovely elderly lady who looked so sweet in her white linen pants, pale blue linen shirt, a matching pale blue hat and some neutral flats that I just had to tell her I loved her outfit.  She was very pleased and told us how she had spent the day at Rotary and was now at Hawkins to purchase some Christmas gifts.  She then was driving back home to the other side of Brisbane and admitted she was feeling a bit weary.  I thought she was just lovely.

I popped into Kylie’s house for a drink of water before heading home and look who greeted us.  This is their cockatiel – Captain Jack Sparrow – affectionately known as ‘Jack’.  He is a very friendly chap and he can talk!

All in all – it was a lovely day – and just what I needed!

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