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The Day Bed Project

Some years ago, Mr MM, the kids and I went over to our friends house for lunch.  They had only recently moved into a new house and this was a lunch to celebrate and check out their new residence.  It is a beautiful house!  Their previous house had a front deck and a large courtyard area out the back – lots of outdoor entertaining space.  They had filled those spaces with various pieces of furniture including two beautiful day beds.  On moving to their new house they had less outdoor space to accommodate said day beds.  One was placed in their large entryway (now moved to an upstairs area I hear) and the other in their back pergola area.  The one in their back pergola area ate up most of the space and looked too large a piece of furniture for the space.  I commented to that effect when I visited.  I also threw in a fly away comment something like “if you ever want to get rid of it – I’ll take it”!!

So years later I get a message.  Do you still want that day bed?  Of course I did!!  They were extremely generous and didn’t ask for any payment.  I did however give them a nice bottle of fancy wine and oodles of thank you’s!!

As the day bed had been housed outside it does have a little wear and tear.  The mattress has a little water damage and mould, and the wooden framework either needs a sand back and re-staining/varnishing or painting.

A few months back, Mr MM, my sister and I went for a drive up to the Maleny and Montville area in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and in a shop at Montville I found a beautiful tablecloth (I love the fabric!) that I thought would be great as a cover for the day bed.  Since then, I have purchased some cushions from Myers that I plan to sew covers for.  I would still like to get a couple of rolled cushions for either end of the day bed.

Here is the day bed with the tablecloth cover and cushions awaiting covering!  It has been sitting here like this for months and months!  It is time for some action.

I love how the border of the tablecloth works well here to create a defined edge of the mattress.

Here’s some up closer photo’s.

Where the day bed is currently sitting (actually in our dining room area) is not necessarily where it is going to stay.  I actually would like a nice buffet there, with a large antique silver mirror above (a girl has gotta have dreams!).  It may go in our back pergola area (when we can ensure that where the pergola roof meets the house roof doesn’t leak during heavy rain!) or our front patio.

So here is where I need some help.  I am not a sewer, but I am going to give this a go!

  • What colour fabrics do you think would best work well with the tablecloth fabric?  I’d like a mix of at least two different colours with the cushions.
  • What texture or type of fabric would work best for the cushions?
  • What do you think would work best – sand and re-stain/varnish or paint white!

Why do I ask whether to paint white?  Well I have a bit of white love going on.  I think my taste is undergoing a rapid change!  Have you ever visited Sarah’s A Beach Cottage ?  Seriously – she makes white look beautiful!!  My house feels unpure with its wooden furniture of various shades!

What are your thoughts?  What would you do with this lovely day bed?


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  1. I think when it comes to choosing the colour for your cushions, you can’t do that until you decide what you are going to do with the frame. White would be nice if it is going to fit in with your house decor, but then I personally have quite a fetish for timber staining (dark staining). To make your decision, try putting all different colours of clothing around the cushions, and wind white sheets around the frame, etc. Might be worth looking at colours totally contrasting the colours in that tablecloth as well (which is beautiful by the way) – colours like yellow, red, orange, etc. I’m really loving all the bright colours that have come out in clothing this season. Might work just as nicely for your day bed. Decisions, decisions! Hard work hey …


    • Great ideas Denise! I think firstly, I need to decide once and for all where I am going to put the day bed. If it stays in the house then white won’t work unless I paint everything else white. If I put it either in the back pergola or front patio – white will work! I love all the bright colours around in fashion now too. I will try draping different colours like you said and see if it gives me a sense of what might work best. Decisions like this are hard – hence me putting it off!!


  2. I’m on the hunt for a day bed too Min. My Nanna had one years ago (not sure where it went) and it was a much loved piece of furniture by everyone. I’m not sure about paining it but that’s just me. I don’t care if I’ve got different matching timbers or a mix of painted furniture and unpainted furniture. I can’t quite pick up the colours from the photo but if it were me, I’d go something completely contrasting like that dark pink (?) small flower around the larger centre flower. Its a beautiful tablecloth.

    Anne xx


  3. I love Day Bed’s Anne. I’ve wanted one for ages – so very happy to finally have one! Sorry u couldnt pick up the colours. If you click on the photo’s you can see a bigger size which might help. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I need to decide where it’s final home will be because that will help determine whether to stain or go white. I’m wanting a nice fresh look. Glad you like the tablecloth fabric – I had to have it when I saw it – loved it – it’s a huge amount of fabric and it was such a bargain price!